Trayvon Martin’s Killer Can’t Cover His Tail, Owes $27,0000

Trayvon Martin’s Killer Can’t Cover His Tail, Owes $27,0000

The man responsible for slaying teenage Florida resident Trayvon Martin last winter is reportedly getting hit with a $27,000 lawsuit for unpaid compensation to a security company.

Details of the unexpected lawsuit surfaced online Thursday (December 27) afternoon.

It cost roughly $67,000 to keep Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman safe after his release from jail this summer — and now, the security company that protected him from angry mobs and vigilante killers is suing him for a huge chunk of that bill. Associated investigative services filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, claiming they hired the firm in June to provide security “in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman’s release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges.” (TMZ)

Despite paying up $40,000, Zimmerman still owes nearly $30,000 to the security company.

According to Associated, Zimmerman’s lawyer faithfully paid $40,000 while the company continued to provide security services … but then payments stopped and the bills piled up. According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman’s attorney told Associated his client could no longer afford the protection services — partially because he still needs to pay for his defense in the upcoming second degree murder trial. Associated wants the $27,027 it claims Zimmerman still owes. (TMZ)

While his trial is not until mid-June 2013, Zimmerman must stay in Florida with a tracking device on.

George Zimmerman must remain under 24-hour GPS monitoring while awaiting trial in the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and must stay in the county despite the defense’s concerns about his safety, a judge ruled Tuesday (December 11). The defense presented a lengthy bond modification argument to Judge Debra Nelson that included Zimmerman’s probation officer testifying that the former neighborhood watch volunteer was complying with all terms of his release on a $1 million bond. (Huffington Post)

In early December, a graphic image of his face from the night Martin got killed emerged.

Lawyers for George Zimmerman believe that a newly released color photo of injuries their client sustained during his fatal altercation with Trayvon Martin and an alleged conversation involving Martin’s father create doubts about the strength of the murder case against the former neighborhood watch captain. The color photo, which was released months ago in black-and-white form, shows Zimmerman’s swollen and bruised nose with blood dripping down his mouth. The image was released on the Zimmerman defense website, His attorneys released the image publicly Monday, along with a separate motion asking Sanford police investigator William Irwin to take another deposition because of comments he made that came to their attention after his first deposition. (ABC News)

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