Travis Barker/DJ AM Plane Crash Blame Continues, Aircraft Owner Files $12 Mil Suit

Travis Barker/DJ AM Plane Crash Blame Continues, Aircraft Owner Files $12 Mil Suit

The owner and operator of the crashed plane that injured Travis Barker and DJ AM while killing four others last fall, has filed a $12 million lawsuit against the airport, tire company and company that designed the jet.

The case focuses on factors and conditions surrounding the takeoff and equipment.

In court papers filed in South Carolina, Inter Travel & Services (the owner) and Global Exec Aviation (the operator) have placed blame on the “defective” jet and the “defective” runway at Columbia Metro Airport — claiming those were the two main reasons the jet plowed nose-first into a raised embankment. (TMZ)

Barker sued Global Exec last year for the fatal September accident.

Barker has filed a $25,000 negligence lawsuit against the companies responsible for his September jet crash. He filed the suit last Friday (November 21) blaming Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation Inc and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company for damages including personal injury and the wrongful deaths of four other passengers aboard the jet, two of whom not only worked for the Barker but were also close friends. (SOHH)

Last month, aircraft creator Learjet said the incident was the fault of the owner and operators of the aircraft.

“Learjet alleges that any and all conditions [of the aircraft], if any there were, were solely a result of the failure to properly maintain and service the aircraft,” the company says in court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. (E! Online)

Both Barker and DJ AM survived the plane crash, however, suffered serious injuries.

They were taken to a burn center in Augusta, Georgia following the accident when their flight crashed while taking off from Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, South Carolina. Despite the seriousness of the injuries, including second and third degree burns, both men are expected to make full recoveries. (SOHH)

An official explanation has yet to be released.

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