Travie McCoy Justifies “Forgetting Katy Perry” Project, “This Sh*t Is Out For The Public Consumption Anyway”

Travie McCoy Justifies “Forgetting Katy Perry” Project, “This Sh*t Is Out For The Public Consumption Anyway”

Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy recently opened up about his upcoming Forgetting Katy Perry mixtape and why the project is more of a parody than diss to his ex-girlfriend.

The underground project will  be hosted by Clinton Sparks.

The music came from a place he’s most familiar with. “Me, personally as an artist, I just write about my life. Unfortunately, that involves going through break-ups. Sometimes it makes for really, really good music and sometimes it makes for sad and depressing sh*t.” While he has become accustomed to the constant prodding about his ex, he doesn’t want the past to define him. “To an extent, I’m comfortable with discussing it, but when it becomes the main focus, I’m like, ‘Aight, let’s just keep going.’ This sh*t is out for public consumption anyway. In the beginning it was our relationship, but after a while it turned into everyone else’s relationship. On those gossip blogs, everyone has their views on our relationship. I’m over it.” (Rap-Up)

McCoy said he used the project to solely focus on his ex, Perry.

“It was hinting more to the career aspect–but not to throw stones, but I think it was inspired by that whole situation. At the end of the day, I think anyone who has been thorough some sh*t can relate to [‘Don’t Pretend’]. It could have been about my girlfriends before, but I’ma keep it real with you, it was definitely about Katy Perry. [Laughs.] I definitely felt a certain way about the whole situation. Having a year and a half to reflect on it, you start questioning everything…” (Complex)

Last year, McCoy performed a solo New York show and announced that he was working on the mixtape.

“Let’s get into some mixtape sh*t because before The Lazarus Project actually drops I got a couple of mixtapes coming out and I know you guys have been waiting for the Death Comedy Jam, Vol 1. We got that dropping as well as Clinton Sparks and myself have another mixtape dropping called Forgetting Katy Perry.” (SOHH)

Aside from the mixtape, McCoy is currently preparing to release his debut solo effort, Lazarus .

“[Laugh] Nah, nah, what you hear on the record is all Travis, no Auto-Tune,” he promised in an interview. “T-Pain did a bunch of stuff; Cannon, who’s an up-and-coming producer–he’s amazing–and works under the Timbaland camp; Detail, who’s outrageous–I did a bunch of joints with him. I got Cee-Lo on the record for a song called ‘Dr. Feel Good,’ which might me the unofficial first single to get a buzz going for the record, so that might be one of the first songs your hear.” (XXL Mag)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out some recent Travis McCoy performance footage down below:

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