Trav Addresses 50 Cent Altercation: “I’ma Set This Straight”

Trav Addresses 50 Cent Altercation: “I’ma Set This Straight”

Former G-Unit affiliate Trav has stepped up to clear the air following footage of him and 50 Cent exchanging words and nearly going at each other’s necks hitting the Internet this weekend.

Although brief with his words, Trav said he would not entertain any promotional rap beef with Fif despite a heated exchange last night (August 10) in Atlanta.

“You Know How This Gonna Go……And I Aint Go No Where…So Ima Set This Straight I’m Not With The WWE Sh*t!,” Trav tweeted August 11.

“@theerealbswag @50cent I just left Em!”

“Ya’ll gotta know that family go thru issues ….. N*ggaz need to chill w/ the @50cent @TRAVMBB beef rumors.. The media loves to focus on BS!,” Trav retweeted.

“Trav ain’t doing no interviews chill with the email & phone. We going to keep pushing #push2 on the way. Respect goes both ways” (Trav’s Twitter)

A detailed account of what went down and footage of the incident surfaced online Sunday.

Can’t we all just get along? Last night, at the Mixshow Live event in Atlanta, the music venue almost turned into a boxing ring with members from Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s entourages exchanging words while in close proximity. DDot was on hand to capture the footage. According to those in attendance, the mood swung from music to beef after 50 pointed out someone in Meek’s crew who he had a problem with from his prior run ins with MMG’s camp. Tough talk was tossed around between cliques but no altercation popped off. (XXL Mag)

MMG’s Meek Mill even hopped onto his Twitter page to separate himself from the incident.

“Don’t involve me wit trav and 50 words they had on stage they got they own relationship!,” Meek tweeted August 10. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Back in 2010, Trav spoke on his connection to G-Unit and admiration for 50.

“[Being with G-Unit,] it feels like you’re there…as if you have arrived and met your goal. That feeling is how a lot of people in the game get messed up. A lot of people in the game get around all the success and all the money and stop grinding as hard. It’s like a rollercoaster, you go up a lot of twists and turns but then come right back down. I recently performed at Six Flags with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, it felt good to be on stage performing in front of thousands of people with them, but afterwards I returned back to reality and came back to Queens. I’ve never let the fact that I’m affiliated with 50 Cent, or constantly around G-Unit, allow me to have a big ego or make me feel like I’ve made it. I still have to work hard and grind.” (The Hype Magazine)

Check out the incident:

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