Toure On Diddy’s “Last Train To Paris” LP, “He Told Me This Is Probably Going To Be The Last Album He Sells”

Toure On Diddy’s “Last Train To Paris” LP, “He Told Me This Is Probably Going To Be The Last Album He Sells”

Bad Boy CEO Diddy speaks on his upcoming Last Train to Paris possibly being his “final” album he sells in an upcoming FUSE TV “On The Record” sit-down with Toure.

Toure gave SOHH the inside scoop on what fans can look forward to from his chat with Puff.

“I talked to Puff like five years ago and we kinda had a contentious situation so I didn’t know how things were gonna go when he sat down for FUSE,” Toure told SOHH. “We talked in LA and we had a really great time and had a really great rapport. One of the things he talked about that kind of surprised me and I didn’t even fully understand is when he told me, this [Last Train to Paris] is probably going to be the last album that he’s going to sell. And I was like, ‘So what does that mean, you’re going to be giving them away for free from now on?’ That’s a record industry model that people are talking about, giving away the albums for free and taking up on merchandise and tours. He didn’t say yes to that but then he said he doesn’t expect to sell his future albums, so I’m trying to figure out what he’s saying. So you watch the interview and see what he’s really meaning at that point and I think that’s a very important and interesting issue.” (SOHH)

Toure also told SOHH about his “On The Record” sit-down with Ice Cube.

“One thing that’s interesting with Ice Cube, he was not a gang banger even though he kinda reps that mindset in N.W.A. and with his early solo albums,” Toure added. “He reps the gang mentality, especially early in his career but he was never in a gang even though he grew up in South Central and I was talking to him about, how did you ‘not’ join a gang and he talked about his dad and the influences of his dad being a Good Samaritan, like, ‘I’m not letting you join a gang.’ And that kind of saved him from not joining a gang and it’s kinda interesting commentary on what happens when you have a good father in the house.” (SOHH)

Toure’s upcoming interviews with Diddy and Cube air this month.

Fuse gets up close and personal with T.I., Ice Cube and Diddy in all new episodes of the one-on-one interview series “On The Record with Fuse.” Hosted by TourĂ©, each episode brings fans revealing conversations with some of the boldest names in music. T.I.: ON THE RECORD WITH FUSE Premieres Tuesday, July 6th at 8pm ET ICE CUBE: ON THE RECORD WITH FUSE Premieres Tuesday, July 13th at 8pm ET DIDDY: ON THE RECORD WITH FUSE Premieres Tuesday, July 20th at 8pm ET (Hip Hop Press)

Toure’s recent “On The Record” interview with T.I. aired last week.

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Check out T.I.’s “On The Record” interview with Toure below:

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