Top 5 Heat Wave Trends: “Bentley Coupe, That’s My Favorite Thing To Roll Out…”

Top 5 Heat Wave Trends: “Bentley Coupe, That’s My Favorite Thing To Roll Out…”

[With summer halfway through, SOHH highlights the hottest & coldest pop culture trends of 2011. Today, peep the Top 5 dopest fads from the perspective of some of entertainment’s most opinionated personalities.]

1. Skateboard Clothing & Vans

Apollo Brown (Hot List)

“Hot for me right now is Vans, skateboarding shoes. Vans and DC clothes are really hot right now. Vans skateboarding shoes, I love those. The original joints. -Producer, Apollo Brown

2. Touring & Live Shows

DMC (Hot List)

“Touring and live shows are hot right now. Years ago, before hip-hop was allowed in studios to be recorded, we didn’t ask for permission to be hip-hop. Hip-hop was on the turntables and in the parks. We played until they told us to stop. When they told us to stop, we went home and came out the next day without their permission. You do not need MTV, radio, publicity and marketing to exist. If the business ended today, you would still have emcees and deejays doing hip-hop.’ – Hip-hop veteran, DMC

3. Watch The Throne

Verse Simmonds (Hot List)

“I think the hottest things going on for me has to be the records I did for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne album. If I can put that in there, that’s gotta be my hot pick.” – Songwriter/Singer, Verse Simmonds

4. DJ Khaled

Ashley & JaQuavis (Hot List)

DJ Khaled and his new record, ‘I’m On One,’ that’s what’s hot right now. The record is what’s up. We love that song. Cash Money Content is also hot right now.” – Authors, Ashley & Jaquavis Coleman, Murderville

5. Beamer, Ferrari Or Bentley

Chris Johnson (Hot List)

“I have a Bentley Coupe. That’s my favorite thing to roll out of the garage [laughs]” – NFL star, Chris Johnson

“I think the Ferraris are in right now. If you want to do something hot, you should get a Ferrari. That’s hot right now. – Songwriter/Singer, Verse Simmonds

“Those BMW’s, the X6’s and the X7’s are what’s hot right now. Those are real ill out here in the streets. You know I’m sitting in something real suit and official. The BM’s are what’s hot and looking real sexy.” – Black Rob

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