Too Short Talks Social Networking, “I’m Personally Not Gonna Sit Around On A F*cking Computer & Blog”

Too Short Talks Social Networking, “I’m Personally Not Gonna Sit Around On A F*cking Computer & Blog”

West Coast rap veteran Too Short has revealed why he is not interested in staying in contact and building a network of online fans through social outlets like Twitter and FaceBook.

The 43 year-old said he would rather not get involved with online outlets.

“I’m personally not gonna sit around on a f*cking computer and blog or have cyberspace friends and all that sh*t,” he explained in an interview. “As a business, of course we’re gonna have some presence in that world, but I’m not gonna sit around all day like my boy F.A.B. You hang out with F.A.B. and he sit around all day on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, his text messages, emails and making phone calls at the same time while he’s writing raps and recording. I’m like, ‘Motherf*cker, what are you doing?’ It’s what he does though, it works for him. But I’m from a different era, man. I could turn around and do that sh*t. I know a lot of OGs, guys like Yukmouth, keeping it alive by utilizing the Internet, but that ain’t me. You can find me on the net, but you’re not gonna personally get me hitting the keys, talking back and forth with you.” (Hip Hop DX)

Chicago-based rapper Rhymefest recently hit up SOHH to share how he handles fans’ online feedback toward him.

“If five people think you’re sh*t, then not only will it bring you down a few notches, it will affect the art that you’re trying to create,” Rhymefest told SOHH. “Because it’ll make it so that you’re stuck, so then you can’t create freely because you’re thinking about what those five people said and not even what the fifty people said about how they loved it. And I sat and thought in the studio for four hours, ‘Why does my existence disgust this person, what is it about the way God made me that disgusts another individual?’ It took me four hours to snap out of it to say what the f*ck am I doing? This dude is probably 11 years old, it could be anything. And then what I noticed is a lot of people that write that sh*t, if you give them attention like, ‘So what songs don’t you like?’ dude, these same people be like, ‘Oh my God, he talked to me. I love your sh*t!’ You figure out, all this person wanted was for someone to recognize them. Where I’m with it now, I’m a f*cking star dude. Like, I’m popular — people want to knock you off whatever it is….artists have to keep looking straight.” (SOHH)

Last fall, Kid Cudi spoke on deading his Twitter page and personal blog.

“I have an iPhone and I don’t even utilize all of the applications on it,” Cudi explained. “Just alone on an iPhone you can have multiple e-mails — I have two e-mails — text messaging, some people have AIM on there, MySpace, Facebook — and I don’t even have those things…With Twitter, my two e-mails, text messaging, and my phone ringing, that’s just overwhelming. And you gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were cell phones? Use a pay phone or write a letter. Or you catch ‘em at the crib….I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn’t be that easy for you to get in contact with me.” (Rap-Up)

Too Short is currently putting together his new album, Still Smokin’.

“My thing is I just like to work in the studio & make a ton of newmusic,” Too $hort explained. “I work with several different producers & artists and whenever it’s time for me to release another album, I always have plenty of material on hand to choose from…It’s always been that way with me. I’m doing a digital only release because at this point in my career, I have to be able to make my music available to the masses without depending on a major label. The majors will not push your product if you don’t have the hottest single on the radio & huge first-week sales.” (All Hip Hop)

Still Smokin’ is slated to drop on Tuesday, April 6th.

Check out Too Short’s “Blow The Whistle” below:

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