Too Short Envisions “O.G.” Status, “I Wanna Be The Oldest Rapper Who’s Active”

Too Short Envisions “O.G.” Status, “I Wanna Be The Oldest Rapper Who’s Active”

Hip-Hop veteran Too Short recently talked about his run in hip-hop and why he envisions himself being the oldest rapper putting out new music.

According to Short, being a 44 year-old rapper has not slowed him down from wanting to continue growing with music.

“I think I just kind of set a goal for myself to play it as long as it can go,” Short said about hip-hop. “I just wanna do it longer than anybody else say they did it. I wanna make more songs than anybody, I wanna be the oldest rapper who is active. I didn’t set out to do this, but now that I’m doing it, I might as well do it to the fullest, like Brett Favre?” (Hip Hop DX)

Short has over 20 years of music to his name and once announced retirement from hip-hop.

Born in Los Angeles, but an Oakland resident by the age of 14, Too Short was the first West Coast rap star, recording three albums on his own before he made his major-label debut with 1988’s gold album Born to Mack; his next four all went platinum. Anticipating much of the later gangsta phenomenon, he restricted his lyrical themes to tales of sexual prowess and physical violence, with the occasional social message track to mix things up. After the release of Gettin’ It (Album Number Ten) in 1996, Too Short decided to retire, his status assured as one of the most successful solo rappers of the 1980s and early ’90s, although that decision would prove short-lived. (All Music)

However, Short returned to making music and said his internal problems with Jive Records forced him to look at hanging up the microphone for good.

When Too Short first “retired” in 1996, he had to rely on The Source and radio hosts to spread the word. It took a lot of work to publicize Short Dog’s exit from the game. It was a drastically different world 14 years ago than it is now. Eventually it came to light that Too Short’s retirement was linked to frustrations with Jive Records contract negotiations and it was his way of getting leverage. (Hip Hop DX)

Earlier this year, Short talked about releasing his digital-only album, Still Blowin’.

“My thing is I just like to work in the studio & make a ton of newmusic,” Too $hort explained. “I work with several different producers & artists and whenever it’s time for me to release another album, I always have plenty of material on hand to choose from…It’s always been that way with me. I’m doing a digital only release because at this point in my career, I have to be able to make my music available to the masses without depending on a major label. The majors will not push your product if you don’t have the hottest single on the radio & huge first-week sales.” (All Hip Hop)

Since 1985’s Don’t Stop Rappin’, Too Short has released 18 albums.

Check out a past Too Short interview below:

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