Too Short Cuts Sweet Deal, Avoids Doing Serious Time Behind Bars

Too Short Cuts Sweet Deal, Avoids Doing Serious Time Behind Bars

West Coast rap veteran Too Short can breathe easy now as reports claim he has cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid doing time for running away during a DUI arrest earlier this year.

Short Dog’s lawyer managed to have him only receive three years propation instead of spending a single day in jail this week.

Tuesday, Short’s lawyer Keith Davidson did the impossible … Short pled no contest to driving with a BAC of .08 or higher and in exchange, all the other charges were DISMISSED. Yeah. It’s not uncommon for first time offenders to get off easy — but Short’s deal is really incredible because he has multiple prior DUI arrests. As for punishment … Short was sentenced to 3 years probation, fines and alcohol education classes. (TMZ)

Recently, the California rapper came forward to speak on trying to resist arrest.

“I just ran all the way out to Miami, man,” Short said in an interview when jokingly told he might be running in the next Olympics Games. “I had to get the hell up out of LA. I only got one thing to say, man, if I would have hit that corner, y’all would have seen a whole different Short you’ve never seen. If I wouldn’t have tripped, you would have never seen me. They’d have had the helicopters out on the morning news — it’s one thing y’all don’t realize though. I was across the street from my house. I was about to run home.” (Shade 45)

Earlier this year, reports claimed police mistakenly accused Short of possessing meth.

TMZ broke the story … after Too Short lamely tried to flee the scene (see video below) he was charged with possession of a controlled substance believed to be meth, but law enforcement sources now tell us the criminal complaint has been amended to reflect the controlled substance in question was actually MDMA. But here’s the deal … It doesn’t matter to Mr. Short, because his defense is simple — he didn’t have any drugs, and whatever was found in the back of the cruiser must have been left by the previous prisoner. Prisoners — they really need to learn to pick up after themselves. (TMZ)

Shortly after the arrest went down, TS admitted he did not understand the drug possession charge.

Rapper Too Short has no clue what happened during his arrest this morning! While he thought he was arrested for driving under the influence, his booking sheet says otherwise. Following his release from the slammer, the rapper said: “I thought it was a DUI. This says possession … I’m confused, man.” Unluckily, the listed felony drug possession charge doesn’t mean that Too Short is off the hook for a DUI. Seeing as how he was CLEARLY intoxicated when he was cuffed, it is likely that the cops only booked him on the highest charge and will leave the rest to the D.A.’s office to prosecute. Too sad! It is prettyyy obvious that he has a drug problem, so let’s hope he gets the help he needs and isn’t just thrown in the slammer! (Perez Hilton)

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