Too Short Clueless After DUI Arrest: “I’m Confused, Man”

Too Short Clueless After DUI Arrest: “I’m Confused, Man”

West Coast rap veteran Too Short has stepped up to confirm getting arrested this week in Los Angeles but admitted he did not fully understand all of the charges.

While he did fess up to the driving under the influence charge, Short Dog had no idea why he also was penalized for narcotics possession.

Rapper Too Short has no clue what happened during his arrest this morning! While he thought he was arrested for driving under the influence, his booking sheet says otherwise. Following his release from the slammer, the rapper said: “I thought it was a DUI. This says possession … I’m confused, man.” Unluckily, the listed felony drug possession charge doesn’t mean that Too Short is off the hook for a DUI. Seeing as how he was CLEARLY intoxicated when he was cuffed, it is likely that the cops only booked him on the highest charge and will leave the rest to the D.A.’s office to prosecute. Too sad! It is prettyyy obvious that he has a drug problem, so let’s hope he gets the help he needs and isn’t just thrown in the slammer! (Perez Hilton)

Details of his unexpected arrest surfaced online early Wednesday (March 20).

Rapper Too Short has just been arrested for DUI … after allegedly attempting to run from police, TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Short — real name Todd Anthony Shaw — was pulled over in L.A. a couple hours ago for some traffic violation … and when cops approached the vehicle, he appeared under the influence. Now here’s where it gets weird — when police attempted to administer a breathalyzer test, law enforcement sources tell us Too Short took off … and tripped as he ran down the street. (TMZ)

The rap veteran was reportedly slapped with DUI and drug possession charges.

Then, after he was apprehended, he reportedly tried to dump narcotics in the back of the police cruiser. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the rapper is being booked for DUI and felony narcotics possession. (KTLA)

Back in 2009, Short was also arrested for the same crimes out in Las Vegas.

According to law enforcement, Short — real name Todd Shaw — was arrested for DUI, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, speeding and exhibition of power (burning rubber) by Las Vegas Metro Police at around 4:00 AM. It’s the second time Short’s been popped for DUI — in Las Vegas — in the last three months. Cops say the 43 year-old is still behind bars. (TMZ)

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