Tony Yayo’s “Day In The Life” Doc To Debut Online, “Rick Ross Is A Fat F**k” [Video]

Tony Yayo’s “Day In The Life” Doc To Debut Online, “Rick Ross Is A Fat F**k” [Video]

A new documentary titled Day in the Life starring Tony Yayo will reportedly debut online featuring the G-Unit member against the backdrop of his Queens, New York hometown.

While only a preview has circulated on the Internet, Yayo is heard touching on his past differences with Rick Ross.

HipHopStan documented a day in the life of Tony Yayo. In this opening scene, Yayo returns to his old stomping grounds of South Side Jamaica Queens! presents a Day in the Life of G-Unit’s Tony Yayo. Watch as 50 Cent‘s right hand man, Tony Yayo takes us through his hood of South Side! “You can ask me whatever you wanna ask me,” Yayo says in the video’s preview. “I’m surprised you didn’t ask me a million Rick Ross questions. That’s what everybody else asks. Rick Ross is a fat f*ck though.” (Hip Hop Stan)

Despite his Ross reference, Yayo recently said his camp’s beef with the Miami rapper has concluded.

“I started looking at it like we beat him and he didn’t even know he was beat,” Yayo explained in an interview. “You had the sex tape out there and all that. I felt like he lost already…To me, he didn’t win the battle because his baby’s mother was on the Internet having sex with some other guy. I feel like when Fif stopped answering him, it got kind of boring…I feel like we ruined Rick Ross’ career. I mean, you could have the No. 1 record in the country, but he had a 68 percent drop in the next week. Nobody likes a cop. The guy’s a cop at the end of the day. People always try to diss G-Unit but you got a C.O. right in front of your face. And he admitted that he was the guy in the picture. I’m not gonna beef with police. There’s no winning with that. He’s a cop.” (Hip Hop Game)

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid also said the feud between Fif and Ross is over.

“50’s done ten freestyles,” he explained in an interview last month. “I’m waiting on like, two more. I guess he’s trying to figure out the title. And I’ve been doing a lot of those Radio Planet videos, so I’m gonna put together a RadioPlanet.TV 50 Cent video. Those are my video mixtapes I’ve been putting out, killing the Web waves…The Rick Ross sh*t is outta here. It’s over, he’s done his promo, 50 promoted his album very well, so Rick Ross is outta here. Now he’s worried about his own sh*t. They got the Tia [Kemp] book out there. That should be the last level of anything that has anything to do with Rick Ross.” (MTV)

The “Talk of New York” previously said he would begin a video blog addressing issues like Ross and members of his entourage.

Fat Joe don’t come to New York,” Yayo said in the video’s intro earlier this year. “None of y’all n*ggas come to New York…Next blog, I’ma be in Brooklyn. Next blog after that I’ma be in Bronx…It’s gonna be a cold summer for y’all…We got bullet proof trucks man, we made for this. I ain’t trying to glorify the beef but when n*ggas start talking about [50’s song] Marquise and n*gga’s moms…I’m tired of this fat n*gga talking about you f*ck models. Name one model you f*cked. You don’t look better than me…I’ma start showing my mansions.” (Fient Out TV)

A release date for the new documentary has not yet been announced.

Check out Yayo’s upcoming Day in the Life preview below:

Day In The Life of Tony Yayo [Preview] from HipHopStan.Com on Vimeo.

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