Tony Yayo Upset W/ Sha Money XL’s Game Comments, “Why Work W/ Somebody That Says ‘F*ck G-Unit’?” [Video]

Tony Yayo Upset W/ Sha Money XL’s Game Comments, “Why Work W/ Somebody That Says ‘F*ck G-Unit’?” [Video]

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo has come forward to speak on past remarks by producer Sha Money XL related to former member Game and why he will never link back up with his “Runnin'” collaborator.

From Yayo’s perspective, Game’s past beef with the Unit and inability to see eye-to-eye with 50 Cent hurt any chances of a reconciliation.

“I heard Sha Money [XL] say he’ll work with Game,” Yayo explained in an interview. “After all the money the n*gga’s done f*cked up, you’re going to work with this guy? But I’m a real n*gga, see, my thing is loyalty and being honest and being real. My whole situation with Game and [Young] Buck — it’s more me being mad, like ‘Why f*ck up the money?’ If we’re all in the business — why would y’all f*ck up the money? It just don’t make sense. Game, I talked to this n*gga on the phone. His album dropped , like ‘Yo, congratulations’…we wre like the motherf*cking Beatles…Sha Money’s my n*gga, but why even work with somebody that says, ‘F*ck G-Unit,’ after what we just built? Why build up a brand to destroy it?” (This Is 50 Radio)

Yayo also used the opportunity to speak on another former G-Unit member.

“I never really had no problems with [Young] Buck,” Yayo added. “I really, really like Buck. I just don’t understand why he was flipping like that — Buck goes ham. He was hanging around [Big] Meech [of the Black Mafia Family] — he was going hard [with his money]. Buck is the type of n*gga to shoot his [music videos that] he’s got the Bentley on the truck, the 64 [Impala]…he’s getting that sh*t from Tennessee. He’s going to the mall, spending like $10-20 grand. His spening was off the hook.” (This Is 50 Radio)

In April, Sha discussed his feelings toward Game and why the West Coast emcee needed support from the Unit.

“Game is cool, I think he just needs me,” Sha said in an interview with radio host EI8HT. “I gave him ‘Hate It Or Love It,’ I gave him that record. He needs 50 [Cent], he needs us, he needs a Unit. And you see he tried to make a play to get back to us. I hand delivered that record, ‘Hate It Or Love It,’ so he just needs that banger and he’ll be all right. He can rap but he needs to stop shouting out so many names in the songs and just rap. He’s got that sh*t. He comes with it, but, he’s like Nas, they don’t pick the right beats sometimes.” (“Street Disciplez Radio”)

Last year, Sha spoke to SOHH about ex-Unit members Game and Young Buck.

“I speak with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo and 50 [Cent] at least two times a week just on some friendship [level],” Sha said about keeping in contact with G-Unit. “Those are my homeboys, like, we family. So it ain’t always about business or money, it’s just checking on a n*gga, you know what I mean? I never turned cold on my n*ggas, I’m not that kinda dude even if I ever had a difference with Fif, the world would never see that sh*t because I ain’t built on those kinds of things. So all that bullsh*t, like, I respect Buck in a sense of him just being my n*gga, but, when you leave a crew just because your business decisions wasn’t right for you, you can’t just de-character the man that helped you become the man that you are. I tip my hat off to 50 because he helped a lot of real n*ggas get money and a lot of artists that came up, Banks is chilling, Yayo is chilling, Buck was chilling, I don’t know where he at right now but he was good. Even Game, that’s why he was called ‘Hurricane,’ because he was riding that G-Unit wave, where’s that sh*t at now? Those guys still make those records and obviously it’s not the same quality of music so had he still been on G-Unit, I think he would be on fire right now. That sound, ‘Hate It Or Love It,’ you can never make that record again. I just don’t do the turn love and then turn cold a n*gga and get crazy with him in public type of thing. That sh*t is for cowards and n*ggas that just want attention, I don’t do that.” (SOHH)

Check out Tony Yayo’s interview below:

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