Tony Yayo Talks Young Buck’s G-Unit Exit, “I Seen 50 Cent Give Buck $250K” [Video]

Tony Yayo Talks Young Buck’s G-Unit Exit, “I Seen 50 Cent Give Buck $250K” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo recently spoke on Young Buck‘s departure from the rap group and how 50 Cent has looked out for the best interests of his artists.

Confirming Buck’s exit stemmed from Fif loaning him money, Yayo questioned how the Southern rap star managed to severe ties with the group.

“When you look at the whole situation with Buck, n*gga gave him a quarter of a million dollars,” Yayo explained in an interview. “How you f*ck that up? It’s just that when you got young n*ggas that’s seeing millions and millions of dollars and n*ggas don’t know nothin’ about taxes, I’ma be honest, I ain’t know about that sh*t neither…That n*gga was giving away millions man. I sh*t you not. He was giving money away. I seen him give Buck $250,000 in my eyes. Buck said ‘Man, they gonna put the chain on the door.'” (Hip Hop Stan)

Yayo recently said a situation in Florida also sparked tension between Buck and G-Unit prior to his departure.

“That’s the thing with Buck,” Yayo explained in an interview. “I had a little altercation in Miami with DJ Khaled at the radio station, sh*t could have got ugly, it was on Tupac‘s birthday, too, he said he was gonna do a song with Khaled and that’s when I started looking at the n*gga funny. If 50 says he got a problem with a n*gga then we all got a problem with a n*gga.” (Forbez DVD)

Lloyd Banks previously spoke on his status with Buck.

“I haven’t spoke to Buck since the last time 50 spoke to Buck, or the last time Yayo spoke to Buck,” Banks revealed in an interview. “It is what it is; I don’t have any hatred towards Buck. I think there were a lot of mistakes that were made, a lack of communication and things of that nature. Buck showed his discomfort; I just think he went about it the wrong way. We’ve always been a tight-knit family, so I think it was something that should’ve been discussed within the four walls of the crew…You never heard Buck target Banks as an individual.” (Hip Hop DX)

Buck recently confirmed no longer being an Interscope artist but said he was still under contract with Fif.

“Much respect to them dudes, but I’m doing my thing right now,” Buck said in an interview regarding G-Unit. “To be honest, I’m trying to get away from that situation. No sooner than I get away from that situation, you’ll be hearing from Young Buck. [The music industry is] 90 percent business and 10 percent talent…Cashville Records, we got this.” (MTV)

Check out Yayo’s video below:

Tony Yayo | A DAY IN THE LIFE: PART 2 from on Vimeo.

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