Tony Yayo Says He’s Hater-Proof, “Nobody Likes 50 Cent So Nobody Likes Me” [Video]

Tony Yayo Says He’s Hater-Proof, “Nobody Likes 50 Cent So Nobody Likes Me” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo recently spoke on the negative attention his camp receives and the chances of Rick Ross‘ new album selling over 500,000 copies.

Along with breaking down the motivation behind his song “They Hate,” the “Talk of New York” described his issues with New York’s Daily News publication.

“Everybody hates G-Unit but we not mad, we making our money and doing what we gotta do,” Yayo said in an interview. “The smacking of [The Game‘s manager] Jimmy Henchman‘s son, I didn’t do it, but he lied and said I did, so the media’s just gonna run with that. The Daily News went too far with that one, I have three kids, so that’s one thing that really bothered me. But I’m used to it, I’m down with G-Unit, nobody likes 50 Cent so nobody likes me…Rick Ross isn’t going gold. How much money did Def Jam spend on him? You’ve seen all of his blogs dissing G-Unit, he was going all around the U.S. How much money you think that bus was costing, and the hotels and the n*ggas he had with him? To me, I look at the business like a lot of n*ggas aint even worth it, you might as well go independent and do your thing.” (Radio Planet TV)

Yayo’s new song “They Hate” addresses the perception he feels G-Unit has received as of lately.

“Interscope hated on the T.O.S. project,” Yayo raps. “I still got money Jimmy [Iovine], cash ain’t an object/I’m drunk homie, that’s the Patron talking/In the Phantom ghost riding with the doors open/My man a killer/He fresh from up north/But switched his swagger up to tight clothes.” (“They Hate”)

Continuing to taunt Ross, the rapper recently talked about his rival’s second-week drop in sales after Deeper Than Rap debuted at No. 1 earlier this month.

“He’s so funny and delusional, I love it though,” Yayo said in an interview. “‘Cause, now I got the real n*ggas from Miami, not no fake rap sh*t, not no fake Triple C‘s Torch…N*ggas trying to make it seem like Yayo can’t get a pass down to Florida? Are you crazy? Are you kidding me? And I’m not talking about Disney Land, I’m talking about Little Haiti, I got the pass to go through there… I been a little quiet, I let fat boy talk. His album came out, he had a 68 percent drop this week so Def Jam ain’t on they job.” (Shade 45)

After three weeks, Ross’ new album remains within Top 10.

“The Boss” Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap remained within the Top 10 dropping four slots to No. 8 with 34,800. After three weeks, the Miami rapper’s third album has sold 244,000 records to date. (Sales Wrap)

Check out Tony Yayo’s “They Hate” music video below:

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