Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Was Determined To Lose Weight, “He Was Running From The Airport To The Hotel”

Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Was Determined To Lose Weight, “He Was Running From The Airport To The Hotel”

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo recently talked about 50 Cent‘s shocking weight-loss and how his mentor’s determination pushed him to the limit.

Although photos of 50’s massive weight-loss hit the net this week, new reports say he is already adding on pounds.

The MC is apparently taking his bulking up seriously, ordering a “cheeseburger all the way” and French fries in a restaurant where he stopped for lunch, according to the paper. “He was a real gentleman,” the manager said. G-Unit’s Tony Yayo told MTV News earlier this month that he admires his boss’ resolve when it comes to acting. “50 doesn’t party, he doesn’t drink. For his new film, the guy was, like, 130 pounds,” Yayo said. “He was running from the airport to the hotel. And I was like, ‘Man, he has the three D’s: desire, determination and [direction].'” (MTV)

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks confirmed 50’s weight-loss last month.

“He did lose a lot of weight, man,” Banks revealed in an interview with DJ Envy. “Like a good 40, 45 pounds. And I was around him everyday, so you didn’t see it as much as people did but when I seen the pictures, it’s affected everything. He’s crazy, it’s non-stop working, running ten miles, all that Universal Solider sh*t. He’s in shape man, but he’s been on icees man. All he ate was icees since February 23rd. And I ain’t seen him, not sure if he cheated or not, all I seen was freezers of icees and I eat in front of him. KFC, Burger King.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

50 said his discipline was inspired by a friend who experienced cancer.

“[Things Fall Apart] is about a Heisman hopeful who could possibly be going to the league and everyone is assuming he’s gonna make it and then he’s hit with an illness,” 50 explained in an interview. “I had a friend of mine who actually experienced cancer and it’s what motivated me to write this screenplay. You don’t have to make everything personal, but that project was. That’s why I committed to playing a role where I lost 54 pounds. I had to discipline myself enough until I achieved it but… I got it. (Cleveland News)

Last March, 50 talked about evolving within the music indstury.

“I don’t think I’ll retire – I think you should look forward to me going behind the scenes more, I still have passion for music,” he said in an interview. “The music business itself has changed. If you can’t figure out how to develop the brand extension and opportunities that allow you to build up the marketing dollar, I don’t see how you can continue to be a superstar.” (The Independent)

Check out a past 50 Cent interview down below:

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