Tony Yayo Plots Online Takeover, “The Unit Is Bringing The Energy Back Through The Internet”

Tony Yayo Plots Online Takeover, “The Unit Is Bringing The Energy Back Through The Internet”

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo recently spoke on his rap group’s new marketing strategies and how they plan on re-sparking their careers online.

Crediting ThisIs50 for helping G-Unit remain relevant, the “Talk of New York” spoke on the Internet’s ability to make rap newcomers become superstars and the concept of his new mixtape, Swine Flu 2.

“We just making movies now,” Yayo said in an interview. “Shout-out to the whole ThisIs50.comLloyd [Banks]…We living the life. This is the sh*t Rick Ross rhymes about. We overlooking the city. The Unit is bringing the energy back through the Internet. It’s to the point now where you don’t have to pay nobody to get on…you could just put it on the Internet and become a star…The swine flu has actually turned into an epidemic, so now it’s getting crazy. I got Hell Rell on there…you definitely should check out this record. I redid the Drake [song] over…instead of ‘Successful,’ I did ‘What you think I wear a vest for?’ I went over the ‘Daytona 500′ beat with ‘Goin In.’ Shout-out to Wu-Tang…I’m just working.” (MTV)

Yayo has used the online format to market himself and previously began a video blog taunting Rick Ross.

Fat Joe don’t come to New York,” Yayo said in the video’s intro. “None of y’all n*ggas come to New York…Next blog, I’ma be in Brooklyn. Next blog after that I’ma be in Bronx…It’s gonna be a cold summer for y’all…We got bullet proof trucks man, we made for this. I ain’t trying to glorify the beef but when n*ggas start talking about Marquise and n*gga’s moms…I’m tired of this fat n*gga talking about you f*ck models. Name one model you f*cked. You don’t look better than me…I’ma start showing my mansions.” (Fient Out TV)

Jadakiss previously spoke on the advantages of 50 Cent‘s online usage throughout the Ross rap battle.

“When I was going through it with 50, I’m glad he didn’t have ’cause that’s like a crazy outlet,” Kiss said in an interview earlier this year. “He don’t even gotta do no music, he can just do wild skits and put new stuff on there and new paperwork and everything and that’s drawing in so much traffic and attention that it’s almost like slaughter.” (Shade 45 VIP Saturdays)

Online marketing has also helped 50’s boss, Eminem, with his new album, Relapse.

While Eminem hasn’t relied exclusively on Twitter to get the word out, the effort has produced some impressive results. According to Compete, reached 113,868 unique visitors during April, while the most popular of his tweets — which linked to on May 7 — reached at least 41,704 people within just one week, according to an analysis of data provided to AdAge by Tweetreach. And data provided by Native Digital, the start-up behind music-buzz tracker We Are Hunted, suggest that Eminem was the most-talked-about artist on Twitter earlier this year, the week before the album’s release. (AdAge)

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