Tony Yayo Pictures Lil Wayne’s Rikers Leave, “A Guy Of His Stature Doesn’t Need To Be In Jail Right Now”

Tony Yayo Pictures Lil Wayne’s Rikers Leave, “A Guy Of His Stature Doesn’t Need To Be In Jail Right Now”

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo has reflected on rapper Lil Wayne‘s incarceration for a gun conviction and what lessons he will have learned after his November release.

Known for his own Rikers Island stint, the “Talk of New York” shared his thoughts on Weezy’s experience behind bars.

“In my mind, I don’t know what Wayne was feeling, but when you go over that bridge and the bus is bumping and you see the big sign it’s an eerie feeling, it’s something you never forget,” said Yayo. “I’m quite sure that when he gets out he’s going to move smart, correctly and in the best way. A guy of his stature doesn’t need to be in jail right now…I think it makes you realize your value. He realizes his value now.” (Rap Fix)

Prior to going to jail, Yayo offered Wayne some pre-sentencing advice.

“Well when you go to court, that’ll be his last time,” Yayo told hip-hop personality DJ Vlad. “So you better boot something. Make sure you bring some weed or whatever, right? Make sure you bring your weed or your sizzurp, make sure you boot that. Cheek it. Tell him to cheek his pills, he better cheek all his drugs. He better make sure he boot, put that sh*t in his system. No h*mo, it’s in you. He’s gonna get processed quick because he’s a super star, they know everywhere we bring this n*gga, all right, it’s gonna be a problem. So when they go from Manhattan court, they’re gonna have him sitting in his own cell in the back of the courtroom and then boom, they’re gonna take him to Rikers Island — he’s gonna get processed, take his name, take his picture, everybody’s gonna be open, his mugshots, CO’s are gonna look out for him, his bid is gonna be easy.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this year, Yayo’s G-Unit Records labelmate Lloyd Banks talked about Wayne doing time.

“It’s evident that nobody’s safe. That’s reality,” Lloyd Banks said about rappers not being above the law, with Lil Wayne going to jail on the heels of T.I. and Gucci Mane. Banks himself has an assault case pending in Canada. “People make mistakes, have poor judgments sometimes, and things happen. Hopefully, all those artists can bounce back from it stronger and use that time [in jail] to be more creative. Come back home and get right back to where they was at. It’s something that’s always been around. We been talking about [rappers going to jail] since Tupac.” (MTV)

In August, Wayne gave his first radio interview from Rikers with New York station Hot 97 and explained what he will do upon leaving jail on November 4th.

“I’ll definitely move more carefully,” Wayne told radio personality Funkmaster Flex about precautions he will take after leaving Rikers Island in November. “Everybody says you’re here for a reason, so, I promise you Flex, I try to find that reason every day. I think when I get out, that’ll be the only time I’ll know the answer…[I’m Not A Human Being EP] will drop before Tha Carter IV, only on the Internet. It’s stuff I recorded right before I came in. I don’t want the phone to hang-up on us so I want to say thank-you to all my fans and I love you Flex for giving me this opportunity…” (In Flex We Trust)

Check out a recent Lil Wayne interview below:

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