Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Send Twitter Warnings To Rick Ross, “Bout To FInish up Rick Ross”

Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Send Twitter Warnings To Rick Ross, “Bout To FInish up Rick Ross”

G-Unit rappers Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have stood by their boss wasting no time in mocking Rick Ross via their alleged Twitter accounts.

The “Talk of New York” has reportedly recorded a diss track going at the Miami rapper.

“Bout to finish up Rick Ross career tonite,” Yayo typed originally in all caps. “Just finished the Rick Roast diss track…I’m gonna expose Rick Roast being CO with his former classmate and ex co worker…Trick Daddy didn’t make this up for nothin” (Twitter)

Ross previously called out Yayo while doing a radio interview.

“What [50] really need to do is take Tony Yayo shopping,” Ross said. “Take Tony Yayo’s grandparents shopping. You know 50 one of the worst dressers in the game. They shut his clothes line down because of the way he dress.” (Ricky Smiley Morning Show)

Banks also allegedly recently resorted to his own account calling out Ross.

Apparently DJ Drama made the announcement that he’s doing a Superbowl party with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. “@ MrThanksgiving after party with the all-star f*ggot team! Watch out n*gga that rat C.O. will shut party down! drama stop f*ckin with clowns.” (Gyant Scoop)

Former G-Unit member The Game has also sided with 50.

“For the first time in four years, man, I’m kinda low key riding with 50 on this one,” Game said in an interview. “I’m siding with this dude homie. It’s crazy, I don’t know what’s gonna come of it but yo, Ross, call me on my phone man…Call me on three-way so I can get you outta this mess, man…[50] took his baby mama shopping. She’s trying on fur coats with the Stevie Wonder jamming…Eh, Rick Ross, man, holla at your boy! 50 eating you boy!” (KUBE 93)

The G-Unit general has shown no intentions of ceasing his rap battle with Ross.

“These people convince themselves that they’re street. You’re talking about a guy that’s possibly the biggest possibe fraud ever in hip-hop…Now look, Def Jam done put a gag order on him, told him shut up, you’re killing us…Jackie-O, I spoke to her yesterday. She’s supposed to be flying out to come talk to me…like with Trick Daddy, it’s a lot of people in Miami that are clear that that’s a fraud. (Big Boy in the Morning)

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