Tony Yayo Launches Anti Rick Ross Video Blog, “It’s Gonna Be A Cold Summer For Y’all” [Video]

Tony Yayo Launches Anti Rick Ross Video Blog, “It’s Gonna Be A Cold Summer For Y’all”  [Video]

G-Unit‘s member Tony Yayo has begun a video blog in which he taunts Rick Ross and the rapper’s entourage, while justifying his recent actions in their current rap feud.

The “Talk of New York” blamed Ross for mentioning 50 Cent‘s son, Marquise, negatively which has sparked an emotional reaction from Fif’s camp.

Fat Joe don’t come to New York,” Yayo said in the video’s intro. “None of y’all n*ggas come to New York…Next blog, I’ma be in Brooklyn. Next blog after that I’ma be in Bronx…It’s gonna be a cold summer for y’all…We got bullet proof trucks man, we made for this. I ain’t trying to glorify the beef but when n*ggas start talking about Marquise and n*gga’s moms…I’m tired of this fat n*gga talking about you f*ck models. Name one model you f*cked. You don’t look better than me…I’ma start showing my mansions.” (Fient Out TV)

Yayo recently released a music video for his anti-Ross record “Somebody Snitched On Me.”

“Yeah, it’s the ‘Talk of New York’, Tony Yayo,” he says in the intro. “Check out my new video, f*ck Rick Ross, n*gga.” Throughout the video, Yayo is seen throughout a neighborhood surrounded by an entourage rapping. Showing clips of an Italian mobster film, Yayo adds various images including Ross’ corrections officer picture, animated cartoon pictures and local shopping center vendors and restaurant employees holding signs and saying “Officer Ricky.” (YouTube)

He previously released the diss track in late February.

“It’s time for me to go in on this fat a** cop,” he says in the intro. “Yeah I never had drama with the cops, but I’ll Larry Davis Rick Ross with the glock/Your life is fabricated, what bricks you moving/ Homie ask E-Class, I’m known for shootin’…n*ggas f*ck with Rick Ross, hell no, he po-po/He the next Ja Rule, and [DJ] Khaled be hatin’/Remember last time p**sy at the radio station…YouTube gangsta, h*e a** n*gga…And I hear that Haitian n*gga on your track, but I just got off the jack with Haitian Jack…Me and Fif is like Jordan and Scottie n*gga, yeah I’m on the streets…you police.” (This Is 50)

Along with dissing G-Unit in interviews, Ross fired back at Yayo in the song, “Cold Blood.”

“Wack [Tony] Yayo slipping while he snortin’ dust,” Ross raps in the video. “Cold blood bullet hit him like a tour bus…I’m addicted to watches, momma tell him to stop it/ Got on over 50, 50 you better watch it/ Do him in cold blood, look him in his eyes/ May do him with no gloves.” (SOHH)

Check out Yayo’s first blog video below:

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