Tony Yayo Identifies Possible New G-Unit Member, “He’s A Little Crazy But I Could Use That”

Tony Yayo Identifies Possible New G-Unit Member, “He’s A Little Crazy But I Could Use That”

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo recently talked about his admiration for The Pack’s Lil B and how the rapper could possibly become the latest addition to his crew which already includes Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent.

Yayo credits Lil B’s current popularity and ability to make hot records as a turning point for him.

“Lil B, I told you I’m feeling,” Yayo said in an interview. “I wanna start something new and get some artists under the wing. Lil B, Danny Brown is on the mixtape coming soon. [G-Unit member] New Money Trav. Trav knows Lil B. He has connections with Too Short. I got connections with E-40. They all end up coming to the show in the Bay. That’s how 50 [Cent] wound up doing the remix to [E-40’s] ‘N—a Don’t Act Like a B*tch.’ They all ended up backstage. We had E-40 back there, Too Short, Lil Uno from the Pack. It was so many people back there. I linked up with Lil B. His music is good. He’s a real humble dude. That cooking dance is hot…I could see [him joining G-Unit.] He’s a little crazy, but I could see that. He makes good music. It’s all about the good music.” (MTV)

Recently, Lil B has been making an Internet buzz with new music.

Starting his career in rap scene by being one fourth of The Pack, Lil B is a step closer to being a solo act. A music video, which is simple in its concept, has been released in support of his song “Pretty Boy”. Little is known about this song but the rapper is working on a mainstream album titled “Rain in England”, and it’s possible that “Pretty Boy” would be included in the set. (Ace Showbiz)

Last March, Lloyd Banks talked about G-Unit possibly going independent.

“Yeah, we’re aiming for a summer release, late summer. Its not a stamp date, but that’s where I’m headed for,” he said in an interview. “This is my year. That’s the other thing. When you are working independent, you can decide when…sometimes when you are working for a label, they put you on that time clock. Sometimes, things can get forced. We’ll see in the very near future, it’s a very smart option [for G-Unit to go independent.] Based on the response that I’ve gotten from ‘Beamer, Benz of Bentley,’ the artist is more powerful than you think…When I did the, ‘Officer Down’ – the response to Rick Ross – it was already 700 – 800 thousand free download before we even made the deal with iTunes. Before they approached me and I still sold 60 or 70 thousand.” (All Hip Hop)

Prior to Banks’ remarks, Yayo opened up about his past problems with being on Interscope Records.

“I feel like Interscope was trying to blackball me,” Yayo explained in an interview. “But to each’s own, man, like, when [2008’s] T.O.S. came out, I felt like it was a classic album, T.O.S., but I felt like, a lot of stuff I was starting to learn about the [rap] game, like, why wasn’t our album up two weeks ahead of time on iTunes? You know what I’m saying? It feels like there’s always something messed up, I felt the office up here, G-Unit, was doing more work than Interscope. That’s why I feel like I was getting blackballed.” (True Stories Radio)

Check out Lil B & Tony Yayo down below:

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