Tony Yayo Deads Rick Ross Feud, “I’m Not Gonna Beef W/ Police”

Tony Yayo Deads Rick Ross Feud, “I’m Not Gonna Beef W/ Police”

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo recently spoke on 50 Cent‘s rap beef with Rick Ross and explained why he felt his team put a fork in the Miami rapper’s career.

Despite dropping a No. 1 album with Deeper Than Rap earlier this year, Yayo claims Ross’ second-week sales drop represented the rapper’s decline.

“I started looking at it like we beat him and he didn’t even know he was beat,” Yayo explained in an interview. “You had the sex tape out there and all that. I felt like he lost already…To me, he didn’t win the battle because his baby’s mother was on the Internet having sex with some other guy. I feel like when Fif stopped answering him, it got kind of boring…I feel like we ruined Rick Ross’ career. I mean, you could have the No. 1 record in the country, but he had a 68 percent drop in the next week. Nobody likes a cop. The guy’s a cop at the end of the day. People always try to diss G-Unit but you got a C.O. right in front of your face. And he admitted that he was the guy in the picture. I’m not gonna beef with police. There’s no winning with that. He’s a cop.” (Hip Hop Game)

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid also said the feud between 50’s camp and Ross has come to an end.

“50’s done ten freestyles,” he explained in an interview. “I’m waiting on like, two more. I guess he’s trying to figure out the title. And I’ve been doing a lot of those Radio Planet videos, so I’m gonna put together a RadioPlanet.TV 50 Cent video. Those are my video mixtapes I’ve been putting out, killing the Web waves…The Rick Ross sh*t is outta here. It’s over, he’s done his promo, 50 promoted his album very well, so Rick Ross is outta here. Now he’s worried about his own sh*t. They got the Tia [Kemp] book out there. That should be the last level of anything that has anything to do with Rick Ross.” (MTV)

Yayo recently addressed the negative attention G-Unit has received as of late.

“Everybody hates G-Unit but we not mad, we making our money and doing what we gotta do,” Yayo said in an interview. “The smacking of [The Game‘s manager] Jimmy Henchman‘s son, I didn’t do it, but he lied and said I did, so the media’s just gonna run with that. The New York Daily News went too far with that one, I have three kids, so that’s one thing that really bothered me. But I’m used to it, I’m down with G-Unit, nobody likes 50 Cent so nobody likes me…Rick Ross isn’t going gold. How much money did Def Jam spend on him?” (Radio Planet TV)

Ross’ new album has remained on the charts since debuting five weeks ago.

The “Boss” Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap dropped out of both the Top 10 and Top 20 sliding 13 spots to No. 22 with 19,800. After five weeks on shelves, the Miami rapper’s third No. 1 release has sold 290,300 copies. (Sales Wrap)

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