Tony Yayo Advises Lil Wayne To Smuggle Goods Into Jail, “He Better Cheek All His Drugs” [Video]

Tony Yayo Advises Lil Wayne To Smuggle Goods Into Jail, “He Better Cheek All His Drugs” [Video]

Former Rikers Island prison inmate Tony Yayo has shared his insight on what Lil Wayne‘s jail sentencing today will be like and how his speculated one-year stint behind bars will be “easy.”

According to the “Talk of New York,” Weezy should consider smuggling drugs into the jail.

“Well when you go to court, that’ll be his last time,” Yayo told hip-hop personality DJ Vlad. “So you better boot something. Make sure you bring some weed or whatever, right? Make sure you bring your weed or your sizzurp, make sure you boot that. Cheek it. Tell him to cheek his pills, he better cheek all his drugs. He better make sure he boot, put that sh*t in his system. No h*mo, it’s in you. He’s gonna get processed quick because he’s a super star, they know everywhere we bring this n*gga, all right, it’s gonna be a problem. So when they go from Manhattan court, they’re gonna have him sitting in his own cell in the back of the courtroom and then boom, they’re gonna take him to Rikers Island — he’s gonna get processed, take his name, take his picture, everybody’s gonna be open, his mugshots, CO’s are gonna look out for him, is bid is gonna be easy.” (Vlad TV)

Wayne’s sentencing, originally scheduled for last month, was delayed due to an approved request to have dental surgery.

Lil Wayne just had one of the gnarliest oral surgeries in the history of dentistry. We’re told it was a marathon session that included a stomach-turning eight root canals at one time. We’re told during the eight hour procedure, Wayne had his grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more implants added and had the few real teeth he had left repaired.This is the critical dental surgery that kept Wayne from being shipped off to the big house last week. (TMZ)

The rapper’s attorney, Stacey Richman, recently spoke on his jail delay.

Earlier this week we speculated that the dental surgery keeping Lil Wayne from jail for another few weeks was the removal of his famous diamond grills. We just got off the phone with Wayne’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, however, and while she doesn’t know what exactly the procedure is (“I’m not a dentist. I went to lawschool”), she assures us the grills aren’t going anywhere. Also, apparently the reason things didn’t get done before the scheduled sentencing on Tuesday is that Wayne’s dentist recently had to go on a last-minute charity mission to Nicaragua. When asked if she expects any other postponements in the case, Richman replied, “Barring some sort of tsunami, no, but it’s happened in New Orleans before, so who knows.” Lil Wayne’s lawyer: almost as irreverently entertaining as he is! (NY Mag)

Wayne’s sentencing was postponed until March after he appeared in a New York courtroom last week.

A lawyer for Lil Wayne said on Tuesday that Lil Wayne needed to be treated for a “medical situation” that could not be attended to sooner, because his dentist had been out of the country performing charity work. Judge Charles Solomon granted an adjournment and rescheduled the sentencing to March 2. Lil Wayne could face a sentence of one year on the gun charge, and is scheduled to go on trial March 30 on felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona. (New York Times)

Check out Tony Yayo speaking on Lil Wayne below:

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