Tony Yayo Addresses G-Unit Turmoil: “Why Would You Want A Reunion Now…?”

Tony Yayo Addresses G-Unit Turmoil: “Why Would You Want A Reunion Now…?”

New York rapper Tony Yayo has addressed the current status of G-Unit and why he still has high hopes of getting 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks to see eye-to-eye again.

In the Talk of New York’s perspective, the Unit flourished when times were tougher and money was scarce.

“You know what’s crazy? It’s like when we didn’t have any money, things were better,” the Talk of New York told MTV News last week when asked about the possibility of his group G-Unit reuniting. “When everybody got money, it’s like things just went downhill, so it’s like, I dunno, egos,” Yayo said trying to give some sort of context to the rift. “I would love to see a G-Unit reunion. I would love to see me, Banks and 50 definitely onstage.” (MTV)

He also blasted the notion of Game and Young Buck being a part of reunion talk.

My problem with [Game] is that once he got to the point where he wanted to be, when he sold 5 million records, it was G-Unot,” he said. “So it’s like why would you want a reunion now if you want to be the guy to bring down the brand and the name. … When we were broke, and we didn’t have a pot to piss in, we were all callin’ each other’s phones and that’s the thing that just upsets me the most, and it makes me just want to say, ‘F— rap’ … Loyalty is my biggest thing. 50 helped all of us eat. We all had mansions; we all had Bentleys; so if Fif is in a bad mood or feels a certain way that day, you just eat that. You learn to judge your friends for who they are.” (MTV)

A few days ago, 50 Cent revealed his disinterest in forcing a reunion to take place.

“Probably not,” Fif said when asked if fans can expect to see a Unit reunion. “I don’t know. You have people who go in different directions. If you have grown men involved in business transactions or are around each other, surrounded by the same thing, I’ve offered everything that I can offer to G-Unit. I allowed them to be in front of my audience the entire time, to develop their own fan base, to have people recognize their attributes and their defects at that point. What do you do? I don’t care what other people want. I could give a f*ck what they want. A reunion? You can kiss my motherf*cking a** as far as that’s concerned. I think when you get to the point when you want something, the public is saying something, it’s a trend, it’s an idea that someone had and that other people are following. When did it dissolve? It dissolved as when they didn’t start to support the projects. … I think the concept of reunions come from artists that have decided to not be under me, they realize how hard it is away from me, when you get to the point where you’re not generating any interest any more and your records and coming and going so fast, you don’t matter as much. You go, ‘We need to do a reunion.'” (Sirius Hip-Hop Nation)

Just last week, ex-member Game’s manager Taydoe spoke on trying to get his client and Fif back on speaking terms to make a reunion possible.

“I can’t say it’ll happen, I can’t it won’t happen, however, from a business perspective, I’m gonna attempt to make it happen,” Tay said in an interview, referring to a G-Unit reunion including Game. “I think it’ll be a wise business move on both parts. I’m thinking about tours, I’m thinking about merchandise, I’m thinking about all these other things that’s lacking in the industry, and this is the perfect timing for that.” (WSJ Live)

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