Tony Yayo Addresses 50 Cent’s Fan Attack, “He Didn’t Get Beat Down Bad”

Tony Yayo Addresses 50 Cent’s Fan Attack, “He Didn’t Get Beat Down Bad”

G-Unit member Tony Yayo has come forward to speak on recent footage of 50 Cent being attacked by a fan during a Brazil concert last weekend.

The “Talk of New York” said the fan was overly excited and was not badly injured after being taken off-stage.

“The show got crazy, man,” Yayo said in a phone interview. “For security reasons, when somebody jumps onstage…when [performers] got on chains for $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, that’s a security risk right here. Nobody should be onstage except me, Banks and 50. It was just a fan — he got a little carried away, a little happy. People make it seem like he got beat down real, real bad. He didn’t get beat down bad — he just got tackled, taken off the stage and the show [went] on…We been getting crazy love. That’s why I don’t want people in Brazil to think we out here beating down our fans. When somebody is on the stage, you want to keep the show going. We never stop the show. When you onstage and you got a crowd of 10,000 Brazilian people, you don’t want to stop it because a guy is jumping onstage. Just like Africa or other places you go, people get excited — we’re like UFOs to the people. They don’t see rappers come to Brazil and come to these other places. Sometimes fans get a little excited — that’s what that was about. The guy wasn’t beat up bad or nothing.” (MTV)

Based on footage and reports, the fan came after 50 during his “Ayo Technology” performance.

Although 50 Cent’s been in recent headlines for his verbal assaultson Diddy, it looks like the tables have turned now that a crazed fan tried to physically attack him in Brazil. 50 Cent was performing a concert in Salvador, Bahia when a fan suddenly rushed the stage and grabbed him from behind. The fan’s moment of glory was short lived however after Fif’s security jumped to his rescue, grabbing the man and escorting him off stage, punching and kicking him in the process. (Hip Hop Wired)

Last December, G-Unit producer DJ Whoo Kid said a similar incident took place in Nigeria.

“Finally out of Nigeria!! Last show they shot Ak47s at the fans – wtf!!!! It felt so good to see a BIG MAC in Germany !!! food!! I’m A ALIVE!,” he wrote on Twitter. “ALIVE!!!! 1st Concert in Nigeria ,Africa the whole city power grid went out during What Up Gangster and Fan Jumped on stage at 50 again Escaped in a Black out !!! video will be up soon !!!! I am still sh*tting on my self from the food and water… yipes are there pampers in Germany!” (DJ Whoo Kid’s Twitter)

50 also had his chain snatched from a fan during a 2008 concert in Angola.

50 Cent had his necklace stolen by a fan during a concert in Angola. The incident, which took place as the rapper was onstage, was captured on video by a fan. In the video, the music stops as the person grabs the necklace and climbs back into the crowd. Responding to the incident on his website, 50 said security at the concert had been “limited” and “fans were able to interact with the group onstage”. Contrary to the fans video, the rapper claims his own footage of the incident shows he “pushed him off the stage and jumped into the crowd and then all hell broke loose.” (Gigwise)

Check out footage from the incident below:

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