Tone Loc’s $40,000 Baby Mama Drama Exposed

Tone Loc’s $40,000 Baby Mama Drama Exposed

Early 1990’s rap star Tone Loc is catching weekend headlines for reportedly falling behind with over $40,000 in child support payments to an ex-girlfriend.

According to reports, the rapper’s ex is supposed to receive just over $3,000 each month.

Tone Loc works all week, 9 to 5 for his money … but his baby mama claims he doesn’t give her any of it and owes her thousands of dollars in back child support, TMZ has learned. According to court docs filed by Eilise Sharkey, Tone has fallen behind on payments to her to the tune of $40,512. Sharkey points to a child support order that came down last October, ordering him to pay $3,376/month for their son. Sharkey claims Tone should have no problem getting the money, saying he gets $5,000 per show and “he has several shows monthly.” (TMZ)

He reportedly pleaded no contest to domestic violence last October.

According to a release from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, Loc was sentenced to one day in county jail, three years of formal probation, 30 days of community service and 52 weeks of anger-management counseling by Burbank Superior Court Judge Patrick Hegarty. The D.A.’s office specified that the firearm was not used in the domestic assault, but that the investigation found the rapper in possession of an unregistered assault weapon. (MTV)

This all comes after Loc recently suffered a medical complication at a show.

It was only last October when Tone Loc collapsed on stage, scaring the hip-hop world. Now, the rapper appeared to have had a seizure during a comedy show at the Laugh Factory a few nights ago. We’re all praying for Tone today, as his manager insists that it was bad food that caused the scare. (Global Grind)

Loc also gave fans a brief scare when he collapsed during a June performance in Texas.

L.A. rapper Tone Loc collapsed on stage while performing at his show in Austin, Texas on Friday, June 15 night. Loc was treated for heat exhaustion before returning to the stage half an hour later to finish his show. The “Wild Thing” hitmaker fell to the floor at The Moody Theater and needed assistance to get off the stage, TMZ reported. Loc is “doing better” and is not expected to cancel future shows including the Saturday night show in Lewisville, Texas. (Ace Showbiz)

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