“To Say Papers Is Healthier Than Smoking Blunts Is Like Saying You’re Smoking Crack Lite”

“To Say Papers Is Healthier Than Smoking Blunts Is Like Saying You’re Smoking Crack Lite”

[With 4/20 already a distant memory for marijuana enthusiasts, former The Firm group member Nature tells SOHH readers why he is ditching weed for good after years of lighting up with New York comrades like Nas, Big Pun and Mobb Deep.]

I know how much I love weed but sometimes it was just changing up the process of how I lived.

I just wanted to look at things from a clear perspective. It’s been so long since I got a chance to do that. There’s still plenty of people who live and die by it, it’s still a 24/7 thing for some dudes, I don’t knock them. A lot of artists want to be creative with it but for me, I wanted to make sure I could really be creative on my own without needing the buzz.

Still to this day, everyone around me is doing what they do and I don’t knock them. From the time I started making records, that was all we did. We hung out, we smoked, we enjoyed everything and pretty much that was it. So I really wanted to take charge and do something different from a grown perspective.

I just wanted to see if I could make records in the same type of fashion without the weed and make sure they were still dope. I’m about four months sober. I brought the year in sober. It’s cool.

Trying to say papers is healthier than smoking blunts is kind of like bullsh*t to me. That’s like saying you’re smoking Crack Lite. A drug is a drug. So why would you think using papers and trying to be organic is better? You’re still putting the stuff in your lungs. So I don’t get it.

They do that with everything else. They do that with everthing, from beer to cigarettes and I guess the last thing is with weed.

Whatever floats your boat at the end of the day. The bottom line is to get what you’re trying to get. They have different blunts with different flavors and stuff like that. I guess it’s all a gimmick now.

When I was younger, we started off with the Philly blunts and then went to the Dutchess Masters. But right now, you can pretty much find an ice cream-flavored blunt. Whatever the h*ll you want as long as it doesn’t alter your smoking, it’s cool with me.

I don’t really frown on stuff like that, it’s the culture. These new guys who are just now getting hooked onto it have way more options than when we started. But I’m staying away from smoking weed.

Queensbridge rapper Nature is back with his new single Rock Like This produced by Skammadix. Rock Like This is a solid hip-hop record that reminds you of the true nature of hip-hop and what it really means to be an emcee. Nature brings straight-forward lyrical word play to the forefront and leaves the gimmicks behind on this record. This is NY hip hop at its finest. Rock Like This is the first single off of Nature’s upcoming project Seasons Change: Spring due out at the end of April.

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