“TMZ Is Hanging Out With You While You Get Arrested”

“TMZ Is Hanging Out With You While You Get Arrested”

West Coast rap veteran Too Short recently talked about his publicized arrest in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and why his paparazzi-ridden city amplifies any incidents with police.

Short blamed his celebrity status and the frequency of gossip website TMZ’s paparazzi being anywhere and everywhere throughout Los Angeles for making his recent arrest such a big deal.

And he wasn’t too shy to talk about his recent arrest for suspicion of DUI. “Well…it happens….you know…I’m a rock star,” he said. “It’s more media hype. Only in LA though- they only hype up the whole celebrity arrest thing…you know TMZ is hanging out with you while you get arrested. They wait for you when you get out. You expect to see like family members but it’s just TMZ.” (Pop Stop TV)

Last weekend, Short admitted he thought he could outrun police prior to getting arrested.

Ever since TMZ posted a crazy video of Too Short running from cops during a DUI bust … everyone has wondered, WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING???? Well now we finally know. Short was out in L.A. Friday night at KDay’s Krush Groove Concert … when our photog broached the subject, and the rapper fully admitted he ran away from the police because he really thought he had a chance to escape. (TMZ)

Recently, the California rapper came forward to speak on trying to resist arrest.

“I just ran all the way out to Miami, man,” Short said in an interview when jokingly told he might be running in the next Olympics Games. “I had to get the hell up out of LA. I only got one thing to say, man, if I would have hit that corner, y’all would have seen a whole different Short you’ve never seen. If I wouldn’t have tripped, you would have never seen me. They’d have had the helicopters out on the morning news — it’s one thing y’all don’t realize though. I was across the street from my house. I was about to run home.” (Shade 45)

A couple weekends ago, reports claimed police mistakenly accused Short of possessing meth.

TMZ broke the story … after Too Short lamely tried to flee the scene (see video below) he was charged with possession of a controlled substance believed to be meth, but law enforcement sources now tell us the criminal complaint has been amended to reflect the controlled substance in question was actually MDMA. But here’s the deal … It doesn’t matter to Mr. Short, because his defense is simple — he didn’t have any drugs, and whatever was found in the back of the cruiser must have been left by the previous prisoner. Prisoners — they really need to learn to pick up after themselves. (TMZ)

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