Tiny Talks Upcoming Wedding W/ T.I., “I Want It To Be As Private As Possible”

Tiny Talks Upcoming Wedding W/ T.I., “I Want It To Be As Private As Possible”

R&B singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle has updated fans on her forthcoming wedding with T.I. and said that she is not in a rush to plan for the big day.

According to Tiny, she is aiming to have about 200 guests at the ceremony.

“There are wedding plans coming soon, sometime this year,” she said in an interview. “Not too big ’cause I want it to be as private as possible. There’ve been a million rumors about us getting married. It’s taking away from the day that we really do get married so I just want to kind of have that moment for myself. I don’t really worry about what people say about what’s taking so long. like, it ain’t none of your business what’s taking so long. If we happy, why are you so concerned? We living, we’re happy, we’re in love. I mean, it’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t love every piece of me and vice versa so we’re just doing what’s comfortable and what works for us. Tiny and T.I.: Not for the world. When we get ready to make a move, we will make it. We just can’t do it for everybody.” (VIBE)

Last November, Tiny said a wedding would take place in 2010.

“Sometime [next] year, but we can’t really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home,” Tiny revealed in an interview. “We’ll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy tale wedding. [As far as music together,] well, we did one song and we just never really got back in the studio, but I can’t say that you won’t hear anything in the future. I don’t want to give it out yet, I want to hold it to make sure we go in that direction. We have several things that we’re talking about doing together, so we’ll see how that works out.” (XXL Mag)

Reports in April 2008 initially suggested the couple were going to officially tie the knot.

Yesterday, April 25th, MediaTakeOut.com told you that rapper T.I. was set to marry his longtime fiance Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle this August. Well now we’re hearing that it may be sooner than that. According to an insider – the wedding is happening tomorrow!!! Word going around ‘The A’ is that the ceremony is taking place in the private garden at the couple’s College Park home. (Media Take Out)

T.I. is scheduled to be a free man later this month.

The rapper announced new single “I’m Back” through a promotional Twitter account, and his lawyer confirmed to MTV News on Thursday (March 4) that Tip will be released from prison later this month. Federal Bureau of Prison records list the rapper’s release date as March 26. “That date is correct,” lawyer Steve Sadow said via e-mail. “T.I. is now serving the remainder of his sentence in home confinement under the supervision of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.” (MTV)

Check out Tiny speaking on T.I. down below:

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