Tiny Shows Off T.I.’s Computer Love

Tiny Shows Off T.I.’s Computer Love

Incarcerated rapper T.I.‘s wife/singer, Tiny, discussed her husband’s condition behind bars this week and how often they keep in contact as he serves out an 11-month jail sentence.

According to Tiny, T.I. reaches out to her daily either on the computer or via telephone.

T.I. gets wired in federal prison — according to his wife, the incarcerated rapper keeps in touch with her every day from inside the pokey … and get this … he even sends her emails!!! T.I.’s wife Tiny hit up the Ryan Cameron show on V103 in Atlanta yesterday — and explained, it takes about an hour for the emails to get through the Arkansas prison’s filter system. But that’s okay — because when they’re not emailing, the couple finds time to talk on the phone twice a day … that is, when T.I.’s not too busy trying to keep his career afloat … from behind bars. (TMZ)

This week, a published T.I. VIBE interview featured the rapper recalling being arrested on a drug possession charge last September.

“When the cop pulled me over, I wasn’t thinking nothing. At that point, I didn’t even know what was in my pocket,” T.I. explained. “So I’m thinking, Here’s my license, come on with the ticket. And he immediately opened the door like, like, ‘Get out!’ [I thought,] This is different. You haven’t even ran my license, the tag, nothing. You just pulled me out the car and put my hands behind my back immediately. So right then, I was like, ‘This is some bullsh*t.’ And then he started patting me down, and he went in my pocket and found the pills. And I was like, ‘Ahhh sh*t!'” (VIBE)

Although T.I. violated his probation and is serving his time, charges from Los Angeles attorneys were later dropped.

According to the Charge Evaluation Worksheet filed Monday morning (October 25) in Los Angeles, “D [defendant] is the driver of a car stopped for traffic violation. Deputy smells marijuana and searches car and occupants for source of odor. Deputy finds 4 pills of ecstasy in D’s pants. Deputies also find marijuana in car and other narcotics in possession of one of the passengers. D is on federal probation in Georgia and has already been sentenced to 10 months [ed. 11 months] in prison for violation stemming from this arrest. Given amount of facts above, case rejected.” (MTV)

Post-jail guidelines T.I. must follow landed online last month.

T.I. will not be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia without consent from the probation office. In order to travel at all he would need to prove that it is related to his career and it could only be in the U.S., not outside of the country. If he is granted permission to leave Atlanta he will be prohibited from being gone for over seven days a month. In addition he won’t be allowed to drive a vehicle, own any dangerous weapons including a firearm and he must participate in a drug and alcohol testing and treatment program. (XXL Mag)

Check out a pre-jail T.I. interview down below:

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