Tiny Breaks Silence On T.I. Break-Up Rumors, King of the South’s Alleged Love Child

Tiny Breaks Silence On T.I. Break-Up Rumors, King of the South’s Alleged Love Child

Reality television star Tameka “Tiny” Cottle has finally come forward to address recent rumors and speculation about her and husband/rap heavyweight T.I. calling it quits.

While Tiny did not dig too much into the topic, she did fess up to hitting a rough patch with the “King of the South.”

“With any relationship, you argue, you fight, you go through things. So, that’s pretty much what it was. We were into it, but we was able to mend everything and get through it. It’s what we do.” (HelloBeautiful)

Tip’s wife also addressed rumors about them getting divorced and the rapper having a secret love child.

“I don’t feel any different than when I do from the next rumor. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that this happens. It’s been a lot of different things that have been said about me and him and I know it isn’t true. So, I just let it fall to the waist side. If it don’t apply, I have to let it fly and that’s where I’m at with it. … [Love child?] I haven’t seen anyone come forth and say that it’s his child. So, it definitely don’t apply!” (HelloBeautiful)

Back in late January, Tip spoke on his publicized dispute with Tiny.

T.I. and his wife Tiny are NOT calling it quits after 3 years of marriage … despite reports to the contrary … the rapper tells TMZ. Rumors circulated like crazy after T.I. was a no-show at the Grammys and he and Tiny partied separately afterward. T.I. tells us yeah, there was a big argument, but it was over something pretty stupid. Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show but T.I. wanted none of it. He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night. T.I. says the next morning … they mended fences. (TMZ)

Buzz about a possible break-up stemmed from some Instagram posts.

Rapper T.I. and wife Tiny may be heading towards a divorce after they both posted a cryptic message on their Instagram accounts. The pair has been married for 4 years and rumors of them facing marital trouble went viral after he posted a message to fans regarding major changes in his personal life, “Dis da 1st day of da rest of my life!!!! IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!!! No details necessary…. Just try & accept da change. Cuz it IS upon us.” Later, Tiny posted her own message saying, “It ain’t nothin to cut dat b**ch off.” (M Starz)

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