Timbaland’s ‘Timbo Thursdays’ In Trouble, “Sh*t Got Me Heated For Real”

Timbaland’s ‘Timbo Thursdays’ In Trouble, “Sh*t Got Me Heated For Real”

Producer Timbaland’s free, weekly “Timbo Thursdays” music releases may be in danger of an ultimate demise.

Via his Twitter account, Tim hinted at the possible end of his weekly releases at the hands of a mystery source he referenced as “they.”

“here we go “they” up to it, “they” tryin to shutdown my timbo thursdays,” Tim tweeted this week.

“i knw some of yall been askin bout timbo thursdays for 2day & i told yall bout my dilemma wit “they” tryin to shut it down 4 various reasons … sh*t got me heated forreal”

“but notice i said “they” are tryin to shut it down. you cant shut me down baby i still do wat i want. i’m the king baby lets go” (Timbaland’s Twitter)

Last Thursday, the producer dropped his “Round Da Way Tim” record.

What do you do if you’re a millionaire producer/rapper and don’t know what your new song should be about? Rap the entire track about how you’re a millionaire producer/rapper. That’s pretty much what goes on here with “Round Da Way Tim,” the latest installment in the Timbaland Thursdays series. In my mind I picture Timbo finishing up this beat in his Caribbean studio and, when trying to come up with lyrics, just taking a look out the window and being like “Oh yeah!” The result is an extended homage to finer recreation; we get mentions of his jet-setting, questionable drug on female distribution, and a new self-declared alias– Timmy T, just “a simple black man who owns a private island.” (The FADER)

A week prior, Tim launched “Timbo Thursdays” with his Missy Elliott-featured “Take Ur Clothes Off”.

Timbaland debuts his new weekly series Timbaland Thursdays with none other than his frequent collaborator Missy Elliott. The best buddies are up to their zany tricks on the club-friendly “Take Ur Clothes Off,” powered by Timbo’s leftfield synthesizers and snapping instrumentation. Missy holds it down on the lyrical tip, dropping smirk-worthy rhymes to lighten up the track. “Been hot before Michael Jackson wore loafers/ Been rich before you even knew about Oprah,” she quips. Reunited and it feels so good. (Rap-Up)

Last month, Tim revealed the launch would take place in January.

“Timbo the King, announces, ‘Timbaland Thursday’, starting in January,” Tim announced in a video. “I was gonna start in December, but I’m going to kick it off in January. Just do something fresh for the new year, I think I’ll be a new man for the new year. So let me do something. I think my music is for the new year, something fresh. I’m always different. Something for the new year. I’m bringing you music every Thursday until I decide to stop. And I probably won’t stop. Like [Diddy] say, ‘Don’t stop, take that, take that. Take that record.'” (Perception Media Group)

Check out Timbaland speaking on “Timbo Thursdays” down below:

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