Timbaland Shoots Down “Shock Value 2″ Rumors, Executive Producing Chick Flick

Timbaland Shoots Down “Shock Value 2″ Rumors, Executive Producing Chick Flick

Mega producer Timbaland has spoken up on recent rumors that detailed specific information regarding his upcoming album Shock Value 2.

In the past few weeks, various websites had begun revealing album details to Timbo’s follow-up project to 2007’s platinum-selling Shock Value.

Timbaland is coming out with a new album, and – once again – the record is brimming with some A-list superstars!

Shock Value: Volume 2, the follow-up to his 2007 release, is due in stores February 14th, and once again features his frequent collaborator Justin Timberdouche.

J.T. sings on the album’s lead single, “Meltdown,” alongside Gwen Stefani.

The song will be released to radio on January 5th, so expect it to leak on the Internets shortly before then. (Perez Hilton)

Despite various claims which also said Usher would appear on the disc, the producer’s label, Interscope, gave SOHH the official word.

“Man, I’m so in demand that people are making up albums just to try and keep up with me. What people are reading out there is nonsense. I’m only just starting to think about Shock Value 2, just recording and putting some ideas together, so there are definitely no song titles, release date, or any other news related to the album. When Shock Value 2 does finally exists in the real world, everybody’s gonna hear about it from me.” (Interscope Records/Mosley Music Group)

While he says all reported release dates or track listings are false, Timbo promises most fans should expect a new sound when he does release it.

“I’m just revamping. I’m not even at a stage to say where I’m at. I’m not at a beginning, I’m not at a middle. I’m just zoning out trying to find a new sound I wanna attack, and I think I got it. It’s something you never heard, something I never tried.

“It might be something you might have heard, I don’t know,” Timbaland added. “I’m trying to figure it out myself. I’m just having a bunch of fun right now. I don’t wanna go too left, but I wanna give them something different.” (MTV)

As the release date for the upcoming album may be in limbo, 2009 will mark Timbo’s Hollywood debut as he works on the forthcoming film, Vinyl.

Timbo’s Mosley Media Group has gotten behind Effie T. Brown‘s Duly Noted, Inc. to help produce a movie based on five young women who are met with life-altering decisions dealing with their relationships with members of a rock group.

Written and directed by Richard Zelniker, Tim’s wife Monique Idlett-Mosley and Brown will be producing as the platinum-selling artist steps behind the scenes to executive produce the film.

Vinyl is expected to begin filming spring 2009. (SOHH)

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