Timbaland Detained By Police After Manhunt Over “Possible Suicide Attempt”

Timbaland Detained By Police After Manhunt Over “Possible Suicide Attempt”

Grammy-winning producer Timbaland was reportedly detained by police yesterday after his family informed authorities they were worried he may commit suicide.

Details on what went down hit the Internet Wednesday (August 25).

Timbo’s family was nervous that the Virginia native would hurt himself after a $2 million piece of jewelry was stolen. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department brought out all the stops–a helicopter and squad cars–to try to find the Grammy-winner’s Escalade. After some time, the vehicle was located and Timbo was brought back to his home, where paramedics determined that he did not present a threat to himself or others. (XXL Mag)

Additional information on his stolen watch has also been released.

Here’s what we’re told happened … Timbaland was on the phone earlier in the day with his brother-in-law … deeply upset about something. We’re told one of the things that was eating at him was a theft at his Malibu residence a day before. Someone had stolen a crazy expensive Jacob & Co. watch — valued at $2 million — and Timbaland suspected it might have been someone he trusted. Timbaland left his home yesterday and began driving. Family members couldn’t locate him, became extremely worried and called the Sheriff’s Department. (TMZ)

Aside from his health, Timbaland recently said he wanted to move away from only producing rap music.

“I was done with hip-hop a long time ago,” he said in an interview. “Once my generation left, I left. I do it, but there’s nobody from my generation besides Jay-Z who’s doing it. I look at Lil Wayne as being from my generation. Some people are still acceptable. Kanye [West] is acceptable from my generation. It’s just not the same. By it not being the same, I kind of fade to black. I did music that fits where I was going to in my age bracket. ‘What does Tim listen to in his car all the time?’ I love ’80s music. So how do I infuse ’80s with modern-day music? You Timbo the King, you gotta figure it out. I figured it out a couple of years ago with Nelly [Furtado] and Justin [Timberlake] and myself. We had a tremendous run. I think it was good for me to do it that, because some people would say ‘Tim is cold.’ The same people who smile in my face would be the same ones to talk behind my back. But I got this run, I’m not gonna stop until I wanna stop.” (MTV)

Timbaland associate Scott Storch later shared his reaction to the producer’s decision to part ways with rap.

“I love hip-hop,” Storch responded when asked about Tim’s decision. “I love all music. In terms of its place in the market. Its not, you know, technically as strong and other [forms] of music. I shouldn’t even say that. It’s not as strong as it was at one point, dominating like everything. I still there there’s gems and plenty of ill hip-hop records to make. Living proof is Jay-Z.” (All Hip Hop)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out some recent Timbaland footage down below:

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