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Tim Dog’s The New Makaveli, Diddy’s Prank Fizzles, Chief Keef’s Bootyful Fiancée




In this week’s Pulse Report, we’re going to consider if Tim Dog is really the modern-day Makaveli, shake our heads at Diddy’s attempt at humor, drool over Chief Keef’s girlfrirend, fiancée, whatever, and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Come W/ Me


Are we really having this discussion, doggies? Honestlly, is this all really going down? Have we become so bored in hip-hop that we’ve got to make Tim Dog the new 2Pac? SMH. It’s borderline hilarious and pitiful at the same damn time. After all these years, many of us still believing Pac is sipping on Pina Coladas down on some tropical island, we come to find out if there’s one rapper that may have faked his own death, it’s the big, ol’, bad Tim Dog? C’mon.

A woman who was swindled by a famous rapper says ‘Tim Dog’ may be up to his biggest scam yet. The rapper reportedly died in February, but the Mid-South woman he scammed believes the con man may have faked his own death. Timothy Blair, more commonly known as Tim Dog, owes her money. When he was reported dead, she says, all the payments stopped. He got famous in the 90s for his song about Compton, but Tim Dog’s lasting legacy, in Esther Pilgrim’s mind, will be something else, “He really thinks he can outsmart everybody.” She says the rapper swindled her out $32,000, “A fictitious business deal.” She’s not the only one who says Tim Dog is a con man. “Twenty victims have contacted me personally from around the world,” she said. (WREG News)

In 2011, a Mississippi judge ordered Blair to pay her back, “One hundred dollars per month.” Esther says she received those payments up until she got the phone call that Tim Dog was dead. In February, media outlets, including Rolling Stone, reported the 46-year-old rapper died from complications of diabetes. Esther says at first, she believed it like everybody else. Then she did some digging, “There was nothing of what you would normally find. What city? Who found him? There was nothing with any type of concrete details.” She even had a friend go down to Atlanta this week, where he allegedly died, to find his death certificate, “They weren’t able to find any record of his death.” In fact, News Channel 3 used private investigator Andy Wilson who said he couldn’t find a death record for Timothy Blair either. Esther says Tim Dog owes upwards of $2 million to people around the world and she believes his own death might be just be his biggest con yet, “Oh, I think there is a great chance that he’s alive.” A private investigator has also confirmed an active address for Blair in Atlanta as of April. (WREG)

Now I know I’m going to upset some old hip-hop heads out there, but the main problem with this is exactly why no one cares about the Naughty By Nature, who cares? If it could have been Big L, Big Pun, Guru, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac or even Jam Master Jay, then it changes things drastically, but we’re talking about basically a one-hit wonder that hasn’t been relevant since before most of us were born. And then, when you factor in it’s all because of some debt problems due to him scamming women? C’mon, really? This is going to be a hot story for maybe another 48 hours, but when the trail continues to go nowhere, it’ll stop.

Think about it for a second, who has the time, money or even interest to follow this? Granted, it would be an instant, “OH!!!” moment, but after a couple quick posts about how Tim Dog faked his own death, would it make you want to buy his whole collection of records? Or what about go to a Tim Dog show? Just some food for thought. Rest in peace to Tim Dog, until he shows up on the A-Train with me one day. LOL.

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5 thoughts on “Tim Dog’s The New Makaveli, Diddy’s Prank Fizzles, Chief Keef’s Bootyful Fiancée

  1. b.struck

    i think busta meant that people are afraid to have the aforementioned
    rappers on their songs

  2. Mookieblaylock

    B.struck is right, he meant people don’t give then features as much because they take over the song.

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