Tila’s Done Playing The Game, “There’s No [More] Beef”

Tila’s Done Playing The Game, “There’s No [More] Beef”

After causing a ruckus last year by claiming she was knocked up by West Coast rapper Game, model-turned-singer Miss Tila promises SOHH her days of going at the former G-Unit member are done.

While Game may be off the hook, Tila did say there is a certain unnamed guy who she will never be able to get on speaking terms with.

“[laughs] Yeah, we’re definitely [cool], there’s no beef,” Tila promised SOHH. “But I recently did see someone during the 4th of July and I know there’s always gonna be a beef [with that person]. But you know what? He was in my town, in my hood, so he needed to back off and he did, so whatever. No more Game beef. New York City has been very good to me. I love New York. Everybody’s been so nice to me. It’s shocking — everybody has been extremely nice. I’ve made so many friends. I’ve only been here [since July] and I’ve already caused so much damage. [laughs] I’ve been getting crazy but I’m having so much fun. That’s why I followed my heart.” (SOHH)

In January 2010, Game appeared on TMZ and denied impregnating Tila.

Game stopped by the TMZ offices on Friday (Jan. 29) to deny rumors that he’s the father of Tila Tequila’s unborn baby. In fact, he claims he’s never even met the reality star. “I ain’t never had a conversation with her,” he told TMZ founder Harvey Levin. “I wouldn’t use 50 [Cent]‘s stick.” But he does reveal that his son’s mother is expecting a child. (Rap-Up)

Following his interview, Tila fired back, slamming Game’s denial.

“hhah YES TMZ I AM WATCHING AND GAME IS LYING! IM HEADED TO YOUR STUDIO NOW TO TELL YOU THE REAL DEAL! ON MY WAY!!!!!! POW! Game didn’t even know how 2 answer Harvey’s questions. He kept stuttering cuz GAMES A LIAR! 9 Months from now I will take the Paternity Test Game not only lied to the world, to you guys, to me, but he also lied to his OTHER baby mama Which I Didnt know he had! So he f*cked himself I was there all night last night too and pictures on TMZ even showing me leaving his studio at 6am!!! Thas a punk b*tch right there. COWARD! GAME=DEADBEAT DAD. Just wait. 9 months from now I’m gonna take the paternity test to PROVE IT! Game just f*cked himself. SMH… Yea im upset that he didn’t tell me about the other baby he had on the way, thats why he asked me to go 2 studio 2 tell me about it!!! So once I found out I was f*cking pissed! Cuz he was like “D*mn this sh*t is crazy! CUz my sons mama got a son too!” I said “WHAT??!!!??!” So Game pretty much lied to all his baby mama’s, me included, and to everyone else. His homie is even calling me 2 apologize 4 his coward! But I ain’t trippin about it. TMZ asked me to come in to do an interview on Monday to tell them WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN! Cuz GAME IS A LIAR!” (Tila Tequila’s Twitter)

Tila recently talked to SOHH about no longer wanting to be associated with her past alias, “Tila Tequila.”

“Tila Tequila was just an accidental screen name that I signed up with for Myspace,” Tila told SOHH. “So what would have happened if my name was SexyGirl87? Would that be my name [now]? ‘A Shot At Love W/ SexyGirl87′ It’s like, come on, that was just a screen name and that’s not my name. I would really appreciate it people, like, you don’t have to call me ‘Miss’ if you don’t want to, just call me Tila. But just don’t call me Tequila. I hate that name. It’s ‘not’ my name. It’s had its use for the TVshow and everything but that show’s gone and done.” (SOHH)

Despite the pregnancy claims, Tila’s publicist later revealed she had medical complications and lost the child prior to having gave birth.

Check out some recent Miss Tila footage below:

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