Three 6 Mafia Cooks Their Food Competition

Three 6 Mafia Cooks Their Food Competition

With the premiere of celeb competition show “Famous Food” debuting last night, SOHH recently hit up Three 6 Mafia to get the scoop on their appearance on the series.

Although the show is about challenging celebrities in the kitchen, DJ Paul said the real challenge was attaining the business acumen to run a successful eatery.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the project because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a chance to open up a restaurant, especially on TV and with somebody else’s money,” DJ Paul told SOHH. “Opening a restaurant is a big process. The show doesn’t really show us cooking a lot. We do cook more than just soul food. It shows us starting to build a menu, putting together recipes, so we do have a soulful dish on there. The number one seller in the restaurant is the “DJ Paul Memphis Macaroni & Cheese”. It shows us putting together that and some soups, a bunch of different meals but it don’t really show us cooking. It may get shown as a montage. There’s so much other stuff in opening up a restaurant. Food is almost the last concern. I know it sounds silly but it really is because you have to get permits, get all kinds of stuff, the marketing and promotion is super important. As long as you got some great drinks and beautiful women, the food don’t even have to be that good. Our food is good, I’m just saying, it isn’t really focused on the show.” (SOHH)

Juicy J said the show has made him realize how difficult it is to open a restaurant.

“I’m just excited as Paul,” Juicy J added. “We have a chance to open up our own restaurant with somebody else’s money and it’s great. Opening up a restaurant is not easy, so going through what it takes and learning was a great experience. With opening up a restaurant, it really shows you what goes on behind the scenes and we were involved with everything, from top to bottom. It was a great challenge. I have my own drink that I made called “The Drinking Man Drink”. It’s got gin and some other stuff you mix in there.” (SOHH)

The show pits multiple celebrities, including Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, against a deadline to have a Los Angeles restaurant up and running.

From Ashton Kutcher‘s Geisha House to Robert DeNiro‘s Ago, attaching a celebrity’s name to a restaurant is definitely a growing trend in Hollywood…. but is it always a recipe for success? Famous Food will put this concept to the test by partnering with renowned restaurateurs, The Dolce Group, to give seven celebrities the chance to turn an empty Sunset Strip eatery into a flourishing and fully operating restaurant. If they succeed — one of them will be rewarded with a partnership position in the new venture. (VH1)

Reality star celebrity contestant Heidi Montag recently hinted at what fans can anticipate from the show.

“There were some shocking alliances, a little too close for some people,” Montag dished to MTV News. “I’m like, ‘OK, let’s keep it professional!’ And really just people I would never expect [to make alliances, did]. It was really important for me and very exciting to win a potential partnership at the end of the show. I’m very excited to be a part of the show. And I knew it was going to be a great experience and something different, very different from anything I’ve ever done.” (MTV)

Check out a recent DJ Paul interview below:

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