“This Year I’m Definitely Going To Grace That [Forbes] List Of Top Moneymakers”

“This Year I’m Definitely Going To Grace That [Forbes] List Of Top Moneymakers”

With this week’s big announcement of DJ Khaled protege Ace Hood joining forces with Birdman’s Cash Money Records still seeping in, SOHH recently hit up the Florida native to talk about his bank account.

Known for being an avid saver, Hood reaffirmed he still understands the power of a dollar.

“Oh of course, man,” Hood told SOHH when asked if he is still a penny-pincher. “You always gotta save whatever you do just because you never know. I’m in the circumstance where I’m blessed enough to handle what I handle. I can take care of my mother and my family. She’s good and that’s my whole reason. Then I have a daughter. These are things I think about when I do collect a large amount of money, whether it’s every month or every week, whatever the case may be. You’ve got to put something aside, it’s common sense, just to make sure you’re safe just in case. You never know what will happen next week, you never know what’s next. You may get sick for two weeks, I might need to take six months off. You want to make sure you have that [money] stashed up.” (SOHH)

Hood also gave his opinion on Forbes Magazine‘s infatuation with hip-hop as of late.

“Yeah man, shout out to the Forbes Magazine,” Ace added. “Hopefully one day, this year I’m definitely going to grace that [Forbes] list of top moneymakers. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m definitely going to touch that list this year. So shout out to the Forbes, [we did] a dope interview.” (SOHH)

Not alone in his money-making plan, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa recently vowed to grace the financial magazine’s top moneymakers list this year.

“Oh yeah, man, I’m going to make $100 million this year,” he said. “No doubt, $100 million. The new mixtape [will] get everybody ready and get their wallets open.” Wiz was clearly in high spirits last night, and although he’s likely in for another big year, $100 million is a bit of a long shot. In the five years I’ve charted hip-hop’s top earners, only 50 Cent has taken home nine figures in a single year (in 2008, thanks to a $100 million windfall from the sale of his stake in VitaminWater parent Glaceau to Coca-Cola). Only 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Diddy and Kanye West have earned nine figures in the past five years combined. (Forbes)

Earlier this week, Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy reacted to Forbes listing his wealth atop hip-hop peers with $550 million.

“I’m usually at No. 1,” Diddy said in an interview. “Our plan was to always flip-flop on it. This was the year I told him that we had to flop it back to its original owner. We push each other, we inspire each other. It’s just a beautiful relationship of natural competitiveness. But you know, it’s back at Bad Boy.” (Hot 97)

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