“They Limit Jadakiss & Think He’s Only Supposed To Have The Hardest Street Songs”

“They Limit Jadakiss & Think He’s Only Supposed To Have The Hardest Street Songs”

With his new Pluto album finally in stores, Atlanta rapper Future recently took the time to sit down with SOHH to talk about how he envisions his career run and what rap veteran he feels is the most underrated.

Without a moment’s hesistation, Future said The LOX’s Jadakiss does not get enough credit for how versatile of an emcee he is.

“I think Jada,” Future told SOHH when asked who he feels is an underrated rap veteran. “Yeah, Jadakiss. When you listen to rappers, they don’t really go to Jadakiss. They limit him and think he’s only supposed to have the hardest street songs. But he really has some of the best lyrics. You’ve got to have that longevity. You got to have that long run in you. That’s what creates a career. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you have longevity and a good career rather than be a fly-by-night artist.” (SOHH)

Known for spotting talent, Dipset’s Duke Da God previously named Jada his SOHH Underrated pick as well.

“I think he most underrated person in hip-hop right now is probably Jadakiss. Speaking on a mainstream level, I gotta say Jadakiss. I’m going to tell you real quick why I feel he’s the most underrated out there. Jadakiss is the “nicest” of the “nicest” but he’s not getting all that attention. He’s lyrically better than anybody and everybody but something just doesn’t connect with the mainstream. He’s the nicest out of everybody rapping. I think he’s very underrated and he should have more marketing dollars spent on him because he’s better than everybody.” (SOHH Underrated)

Prior to their current fame, Young Money’s Gudda Gudda talked to SOHH about him and Lil Wayne admiring Kiss during their younger days.

“The main thing I loved about Jadakiss was his voice. I just loved the way his voice would project [onto] a track. His flow, lyrics, everything about Jada’s style was just sick to me. I could remember days when me and [Lil] Wayne would be riding around listening to him all day and the LOX album and we would just be like, “Man, this n*gga Jadakiss is stupid on this beat.” He’s one of the best.” (SOHH Underrated)

Outside of co-signs, the raspy LOX spitter recently provided fans with a group album update.

“The LOX-out will be over in 2012, 2013 the latest,” Jada revealed in an interview. “We just closed, signing a new deal, closing it. Weeks away. Yeah, literally. All the other LOX talk was malarky. This is real, this is real though, this is real. You’re hearing it from me. We just close in to signing a deal. [How close?] This close. In the next couple of days, maybe after All-Star [Weekend] when you hear who got traded, then you’ll hear about the new LOX deal.” (The Check-In)

Check out a recent Jadakiss interview below:

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