“There’s No Artist That Has Had The Impact That Lil Wayne Has Had”

“There’s No Artist That Has Had The Impact That Lil Wayne Has Had”

In light of his new Deadest Rapper Alive book focusing heavily on Lil Wayne, SOHH decided to hit up author Pastor Jomo K. Johnson to find out why he decided to target Weezy instead of equally hated stars like Jay-Z.

Jomo claims Wayne’s age  has had a bigger impact on youth than a music mogul like Young Hov.

“I’ve been a fan of hip-hop for most of my life and I’m only 31,” Jomo told SOHH. “I’ve never seen an artist who has had the impact, influence and just overall impression that Lil Wayne has made on masses and especially the youth. Part of that is due to this being the Internet era. When 2Pac came out, the Internet wasn’t as big and he didn’t have that huge crossover effect. There’s no artist that has had the impact that Lil Wayne has had. In Philadelphia, guys are not only reciting his words, they’re reciting his dress style, his hairstyle, his tattoos, the way that he speaks, almost everything about him. Now you think about an artist like Jay-Z, he’s about 43 now so a lot of young people listen to him but they’re not imitating him. They may recite his lyrics but they’re not looking to dress and follow his style. Lil Wayne’s the link, being only 29, to the younger generation and the older generation although he’s been rapping for about 18 years now.” (SOHH)

A couple weeks ago, Johnson gave SOHH his top reasons readers should cop his new book.

“The first reason is because you’re never going to read or find another book like Deadest Rapper Alive. I say this for many reasons. Number one, it’s written by a hip-hop artist. I’ve done hip-hop in the past. We also did a hip-hop soundtrack to the book. I’m also a hip-hop fan and a student. I’ve studied hip-hop for a long time. I have a real good knowledge of how it began and the intricate aspects of it. I’m also a pastor. With those three combinations, you’ll never find a book written by a pastor, hip-hop fan and artist. That reason of itself, just because of my background, is big.” (SOHH 5 Reasons Why)

He also said the book focuses not only on Weezy, but hip-hop as a whole.

“I would say this is probably one of the most thorough understandings of the psychology of hip-hop. The book is not just about Lil Wayne. He is the focus of it but it shows how hip-hop is able to have such a tremendous impact on lives and it shows how hip-hop began. I actually go back to Melle Mel and Kool Herc and how they were the forerunners [of hip-hop]. So I’m going back and giving a real thorough timeline and chronology for hip-hop. That’s something the reader will get. They’ll be able to see the different turns and twists in hip-hop to what it is today.” (SOHH 5 Reasons Why)

In his book, Johnson cites Wayne’s mid-2000’s Tha Carter album series for igniting his claim to fame.

“It is the testimony of Scripture that Dwayne Carter, as a blatant blasphemer of God, by the promotion of anti-Christian philosophies and principles, through his professed love of acts of disobedience toward God, and by the conduct of his own lifestyle, is under the influence of demonic spirits. And, as being under this influence, he himself is being used by Satan to lead countless millions down a path of deception and destruction. And these millions happen to be urban youth. Lil’ Wayne as an unbelieving man is not only under the influence of Satan but he is also involved in demonic occult practices. Those who are involved in this type of practice will fully have interaction with demonic spirits in order to receive some earthly benefits. These benefits are usually money, influence, protection, or revenge. These benefits did not come without costs. The demonic spirits will use that person to promote Satan’s purpose which is to deceive man into destruction while desecrating the image of God.” (Deadest Rapper Alive)

Check out the book’s promo below:

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