“There’s A Lotta Underrated People, But It’s Just About Timing”

“There’s A Lotta Underrated People, But It’s Just About Timing”

North Carolina spitter J. Cole took some time from his hectic schedule to share his thoughts about Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame naming Cole as one of the most underrated MC’s in the game.

Cole saluted Waka for the co-sign and went on to say that sometimes, becoming the next big thing is all a matter of timing.

“I love that, [Waka Flocka Flame’s] my guy right there. There’s alotta underrated people but sometimes its just about timing. They’re only underrated because they might not be known in the grand scheme of the world, but as soon as they get known, it’s gonna be a wrap for the game. So I appreciate that. I love Waka, man.(SOHH)

According to Waka, what makes Cole stand out amongst his peers is his unique style and ability to captivate listeners while remaining true to himself.

“[Cole is] original. His words … that boy is real talented. He doesn’t go out his lane [when he rhymes], he stays in his lane and lets you know who he is and he’s passionate about [it]. Alotta new guys that’s out right now, first they’re suburban, then [all of a sudden] they’re dope boys. They’re pimps, then wanna be school boys and then skateboarders. But J. Cole’s just in one lane.”(SOHH Underrated)

Cole acknowledges that while he has yet to score a huge hit single, achieving early success on the mixtape circuit has helped him develop a cult-like following.

“I want people to love the album like I love it. The fact that I could go do shows before my album came out and I’m on a world tour just speaks to my fans, you know? I don’t really have a smash hit on the radio right now, so all of this is because of the fans that I have. It’s not like I came into the game with “The Best I Ever Had” [like Drake] or like a “Hustlin'” like Rick Ross. I didn’t have a smash … I’m still working at that. So this is all energy from the music.”(SOHH)

The Roc Nation MC’s debut album, Cole World: A Sideline Story, is projected to rack up to 250,000 sold after its official first week in retail outlets.

The German-born rapper J. Cole, who grew up in Fayetteville, NC, then went to school on a scholarship to St. John’s in Queens before getting discovered by Jay-Z, who made him the first signing to his Roc Nation label through Columbia, debuts at #1 with Cole World: The Sideline Story. The album, which features collaborations with his mentor, as well as Trey Songz, Drake and Missy Elliott, has surpassed even label expectations with prospects of a sales total approaching 225-250k its first week. (HITS Daily Double)

Check out a recent J. Cole interview down below:

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