“There’s A Lot Of Things I Can’t Say, But I’m Looking To Get A Movement Going On W/ Olivia”

“There’s A Lot Of Things I Can’t Say, But I’m Looking To Get A Movement Going On W/ Olivia”

After making headlines for a brief cameo in last season’s “Love & Hip Hop” working  alongside former G-Unit singer Olivia, super producer Jerry Wonda recently spoke to SOHH about his television appearance.

According to Wonda, his relationship with Olivia is deeper than what was showed on the small screen.

“You know, Olivia has always been a friend,” Jerry told SOHH. “I love her. As a friend, I’m always going to be around her for whatever she needs. I’m always going to be there. She’s someone I will always support. I always felt she never had a fair chance. I’m by her [side] and I want to help her out as a friend and then we’ll figure out where business is going to take us. We’ll figure it out but we hang out. We recently went to a concert and so she’s a good friend.” (SOHH)

Wonda also hinted at plans to work out a business relationship with the R&B singer.

“I’ve got a few writers and producers I am working with. There’s a lot of things I can’t say right now but I’m looking to get a movement going on with Olivia. [laughs] I wasn’t trying to say it, but there’s somet things going on. … To be a Wonda music artist, you’ve got to be hungry,” Wonda added. “You’ve got to have the longevity, I have to see it on you. There’s a lot of artists calling my phone every day. Sign. Sign. Sign. It’s not about signings to me. It’s about seeing how I can create a movement with Wonda Music artists. I don’t want that artist to just drop one song and disappear. … You have to be ready. Not only just the talent but your mind has to be ready. You have to understand what your purpose is on Wonda Music.” (SOHH)

On last season’s “Love & Hip Hop,” Wonda and Olivia are seen working together in his studio.

Olivia is tired of doing the same type of deals and getting stuck with “their” music so she decides not to go with the offer from EMI Music. Rich Dollaz tells her without the deal he can’t pay for her career anymore. Olivia finally stands up and says she will give whatever it takes to prove she is in it for the long haul. Olivia wrote a letter to her mother (who would always write letters instead of talking to her) and she wants to make it into a song. She visits Jerry Wonda. As soon as Jerry hears the words he plays a melody and the song is on its way. (Reality Aired)

Recently, she teamed up with fellow New Yorker Fred the Godson for a joint effort.

Olivia is back in 2012 as stated with her controversial interview with Funkmaster Flex with a brand new track with Fred The Godson called ‘Freshy’. The song goes into the intricate details of the life of a celebrity that lives like ‘Dwayne Wade’ and ‘Serena Willams’ as stated in the second verse by Fred The Godson. This track is super dope with Olivia on the hook spitting some hot bars and letting us know that she likes to stay ‘Freshy’. (Stupid Dope)

Check out Jerry Wonda & Olivia below:

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