“There Are People Who Think Wiz & Taylor Gang Came Out Of Nowhere & We Didn’t”

“There Are People Who Think Wiz & Taylor Gang Came Out Of Nowhere & We Didn’t”

[With a buzz soaring courtesy of her new Love On the Run mixtape release, Wiz Khalifa protégé Courtney Noelle speaks to SOHH readers about the biggest broken myth she’s experienced since joining Taylor Gang.]

The biggest broken myth is that this stuff happens overnight.

You see a lot of people on TV and you’re like, where did they come from? They just pop out of nowhere. There are people who think Wiz [Khalifa] just came out of nowhere. Taylor Gang came out of nowhere and we didn’t.

We’ve all been working on music since we were kids. Even though no one heard it at the time, we were always working towards this moment and still working to get bigger and we haven’t even gotten to our fullest potential yet.

It’s a really slow grind. It’s a lot of money you have to put into it. You’re going to have to give out a lot of free music.

It’s a lot of free stuff and you just have to trust in the struggle and trust in the grind. It’s not something that happens overnight and even though you might see someone who pops up on TV, you don’t know what their story is or how they got there so that’s the biggest misconception.

You have to connect with people. You have to mean something to people. It way more hard work than people think.

Even right now, my feet are killing me from going to showcase after showcase. You would think “Wiz Khalifa has a car service and police escorts.” That’s not the case. We’re walking up and down the street like everybody else.

Check out Courtney Noelle’s new release:

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