“There Are Artists Around The World That Can Rap Circles Around The Top Dudes”

M.O.P. rapper Billy Danze recently caught up with SOHH to discuss Rap United Nation (R.U.N.), an organization and Web site he launched to give talented rappers a shot at having their voices heard.

Holding nothing back, Danze quickly explained that popular hip hop had lost its way.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. The truth is, there are artist around the world that can rap circles around the top dudes. The problem is, nobody gives them a shot. Me being a cat that does a lot of touring throughout my career, I run into dudes that are truly dope. (SOHH)

Last November, Danze explained the lack of effort on behalf of some of today’s newer, popular acts has left the game a bit watered down.

“With majority of today’s artists, there’s no effort [being demonstrated] in the music. If what’s coming out nowadays is your opinion of a good rapper then I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m a rapper. I don’t knock ‘em — this is a business, so you gotta go out there and make music that gives you enough money to take care of your family, but don’t bring that over here. Don’t get on no stage with me walkin’ around.”(SOHH)

This week, Danze told SOHH that R.U.N. hopes to change all that by demanding true talent be restored to the forefront.

In the climate of today, everybody want to see a movement or needs you be a part of something. So I said, why not build an ultimate team. You know what I’m sayin’? We got dudes from France, Germany, Switzerland … everywhere. All down with Rap United Nation. The goal here is to raise awareness on these kids and try to help them get deals because you’ll hear, once we put out this first joint, that these cats deserves deals.

Danze insisted that he was just doing his part to bring the prosperity of skill, dedication and artistry back to the mainstream.

I wouldn’t even call it “giving back.” This is me doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to help music grow, whether it’s through M.O.P. or just trying to pull someone else in the game. If you put a video on YouTube, you gotta hope that people are paying attention outside of your crew. Right here, what we’re doing already has music playing in 10 different countries, and this happened in two weeks. People love Billy Danze, but I can’t do that by myself. So we got kids in all these different countries introducing R.U.N. music to those markets. One voice. One movement. Which you don’t really see a lot in the music industry because everybody wants to be the man. And we got all types of music. Anything that a label or the industry needs, we got it covered.

The rap veteran closed by offering info for up-and-comers interested in learning more about the movement.

Go to rapsunitednation.com. If you have any questions or want to submit anything, just send it back to us and somebody will get right back to you. It’s a great situation and I’m doing it out of the love and the passion. Eventually the financials will come on the back end, but I just wanna be a hero: Being a hero lasts longer than any dollar.(SOHH)

Check out some music by Danze below:

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