The Wire’s Snoop Taps Lil’ Mo For New Rap Single [Audio]

The Wire’s Snoop Taps Lil’ Mo For New Rap Single [Audio]

“The Wire” star Felicia “Snoop” Pearson has several film and TV projects in the works but the actress tells SOHH her heart is in rapping and she’s got a debut single with Lil’ Mo to prove it.

Snoop has enlisted producers Dame Grease and DJ Khaled to craft beats for her upcoming rap album.

“I’m working on some music right now. I’m releasing a single [“Lovely”] with me and Lil’ Mo. She’s been around for a long time. She’s family. She told me whenever I’m ready to do my project and want to do a song with her, ‘come on.'” (SOHH)

Last year, the actress told SOHH that she was ready to step up to the mic.

“I’m ready to start rapping. I’m just into everything man, I’m here,” she said. “I mean I been living in the jungle, or the ghetto whatever you want to call it all my life so just put your words together man, that’s all it is. All the pain I went through. I’ma put it on the beat or something.”(SOHH)

Pearson got her big break when she landed a role on the hit HBO series The Wire.

At a local nightclub she met Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar on “The Wire.” Mr. Williams said he saw that Ms. Pearson had charisma and thought she would be perfect for the show. After a meeting with “The Wire” producers, Ms. Pearson was hired to play the nail-gun-toting Snoop, despite having had no acting experience. (NY Times)

[Listen to “Lovely” Featuring Lil’ Mo below.]

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