“The Wire’s” Snoop Talks New Movie, “It’s Everything That I Didn’t Do In The Wire”

“The Wire’s” Snoop Talks New Movie, “It’s Everything That I Didn’t Do In The Wire”

It’s been over a year since the series finale of The Wire. SOHH sat down with Felicia “Snoop” Pearson to talk about her upcoming film with the producers of the HBO show and her new reality show.

With her 2007 memoir Grace After Midnight going into reprint Snoop tells SOHH that she is already working on a follow up book as well as a reality show based on her life.

“I have a reality show that I’ve been pitching so that’s on the up and up. [It’s about] my day to day life, trying to get something poppin’, something generating. Reality is supposed to be real and mines will be real as they get. I ain’t doing nothing wrong or nothin’ so [the cameras] can follow me.”(SOHH)

Pearson got her big break when she landed a role on the hit HBO series The Wire.

At a local nightclub she met Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar on “The Wire.” Mr. Williams said he saw that Ms. Pearson had charisma and thought she would be perfect for the show. After a meeting with “The Wire” producers, Ms. Pearson was hired to play the nail-gun-toting Snoop, despite having had no acting experience. (NY Times)

Next month, Snoop will begin filming the lead role in a movie produced by Ed Burns and David Simons of HBO’s The Wire.

“They don’t want me to say anything yet but it’s the same people from The Wire but it’s not ‘The Wire.’ I’m very excited because it shows everything that I didn’t do in ‘The Wire.’ We ain’t start yet. We start next month.”(SOHH)

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