The Top 5 Hairdo’s 50 Cent Should Rock Next

The Top 5 Hairdo’s 50 Cent Should Rock Next

[As today marks G-Unit general 50 Cent’s 36th birthday and in recognition of his recent coif makeover, SOHH has compiled a Top 5 list of fresh hairdos we think Mr. Jackson should experiment with next.]

1. 50 Rocks The “All Shook Up”

Elvis (50 Cent Hairstyles)

Since 50 Cent loves to call himself the King of New York, what better motivation for his next ‘do than from the King of Rock & Roll?

2. 50 Rocks The “Woo Ha”

Busta Rhymes (50 Cent Hairstyles)

If there’s anyone who wants let everyone know who’s “got them all in check”, it’s 50 — and borrowing Bussa Bussa’s signature fashion statement could fuel his sentiment even stronger.

3. 50 Rocks The “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Coolio (50 Cent Hairstyles)

With so many rappers wanting that ol’ thing back, how about 50 taking a stroll down memory lane to pay homage to one of the coolest?

4. 50’s Rocks The “Real Love”

Mary J Blige (50 Cent Hairstyles)

It’s Pimpin’ Curly Part Three: Bigger, Harder…and Blonder.

5. 50 Rocks The “Kid”

Kid (50 Cent Hairstyles)

No, it’s not Curtis Jackson’s high school graduation photo. But if he wants to really give his fans a chuckle…this is the way to go.

Honorable Mention:

50 Rocks “The “Rachel”

Jennifer Aniston (50 Cent Hairstyles)

With G-Unit expanding its roster by adding Shawty Lo, Lil Kim, DJ Pauly D and more, what better way for Fif to remind his crew that they’re all “Friends” at the end of the day? Infamous haircut for an infamous leader! 

From all of us at SOHH, Happy Birthday, 50! Go Shawty!

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