“The Taylor Gang Is One Gang, But We’re All Different”

With the recent addition of Lola Monroe and Juicy J to Wiz Khalifa‘s Taylor Gang family, SOHH spoke to rapper Chevy Woods about his role in the crew as well as how the unit works as one.

Chevy, while on tour in Ireland, said that each member brings something special to the table.

“I’m bringing my me and my laid back personality. The Taylor Gang is one gang, but we’re all different. No one is trying to be other other. All of us do little things to spread their message to the world. Each Taylor Gang member is good with the lane of music they’re doing … we can jump into each others lane and make it work. As far as what I want to get out the game, I’m not looking for a big pot of gold or a certain amount of money or none of that sh**. I’m just lookin’ for the repsect and the love.” (SOHH)

Woods told SOHH that his union with Khalifa grew out of a labor of love.

“I’m just like everybody else: From the hood, did the street sh** and eventually figured out that it wasn’t for me. I started dabbling into the music … fast forward a little bit I found a recording studio and Wiz was in the next room. We heard each others music and we decided to collaborate. It’s been work, work, work ever since.(SOHH)

Southern rapper Juicy J is now part of the Taylor Gang movement, having joined the crew late last month.

“We been talking about it and it just went down,” Juicy tells xxlmag.com. “They like brothers to me. It’s a blessing. I’ve been doing this over twenty years [and for] people to still recognize my music and appreciate my music, it’s a blessing.” Juicy J says that both he and Wiz are already hard at work. “Wiz got a new album coming out next year,” he shares. “It’s crazy. He’s got over 40 songs done. He’s still recording. And he’s got a compilation album he’s gonna put out featuring all of his artists.” According to the Memphis native, as of now, those other artists are Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe, Neako and possibly others. (XXL Mag)

In a previous interview, Chevy noted that if it were not for Wiz Khalifa, he may still be on the block hustling.

“He was like, ‘Come on, man. I’m gonna show you a different way. Let’s make some money, real money. Leave that sh– alone,’ ” Chevy told Mixtape Daily of his decision to switch hustles. “I just cut the street sh– out.”(MTV)

Check out this Chevy Woods track below:

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