The Source Certifies Bun B’s “Trill OG” As “Classic,” Issues Rare 5-Mic Rating

The Source Certifies Bun B’s “Trill OG” As “Classic,” Issues Rare 5-Mic Rating

Renowned hip-hop publication The Source has rated Bun B‘s new album, Trill OG, its iconic “5 mics,” a rating last issued by the magazine in 2005.

Becoming the first album since 2005’s Naked Truth by Lil Kim, Bun’s new LP is reviewed in Source‘s upcoming September issue.

Each album went through meticulous review from The Source’s ‘Mind Squad’ across different categories that included originality, lyrical content, arrangement and production. Trill O.G. scored high enough to receive 5 mics, the holy grail of Hip-Hop ratings, granting it admission into an elite club of timeless musical compositions that span over 20 years. The album rating system has been a staple for the magazine in announcing which artists have put together the best album from start to finish. Bun B is the first artist to receive this honor in over 5 years. The state of Hip-Hop music returns strong with these releases and The Source celebrates the return of Hip-Hop dominance. These artists have pushed the envelope, crafted chart topping music and are helping restore Hip-Hop’s dominance, with Bun B the leading the pack. Trill O.G.‘s [5 mics] rating is something only a select few have received in the 22-year history of The Source. (The Source)

The 5-mic rating system previously sparked a beef between Eminem and ex-Source owner/rapper Benzino.

In 2002, Benzino started a feud with Eminem. After not receiving a 5 mic rating he felt he deserved for his Marshall Mathers LP , Eminem started dissing The Source. Benzino claimed that Eminem was a product of the machine that sought to discredit black and Latino artists’ contributions to hip-hop. Benzino released a diss record called “I Don’t Wanna” where he claimed that Eminem was not real and true to the rap culture. It was not until Benzino dissed Eminem again with “Pull Up Your Skirt”, that Eminem responded with 2 blistering diss tracks. (All Music)

Bun recently talked about putting together his latest Trill installment.

Trill was definitely a rough album but a fun album to put together,” he continued. “II Trill was a little bit different circumstances, dealing with the [death of Pimp C]. I’m not really sure that I gave that album everything I could. I don’t think I had everything to give to that album at the time. It was still a great album; we made great music. I mean, we could do that in our sleep. But I’m not trying to do it in my sleep. I’m trying to be eyes wide open, fully focused. And I think we came back and accomplished that on Trill OG.” (MTV)

The project features guest appearances from Drake, Young Jeezy and more.

01 Church 02 Trillionaire 03 Just Like That f. Young Jeezy 04 Put It Down f. Drake 05 Right Now f. Pimp C, 2 Pac & Trey Songz 06 Countin’ Money All Day f. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti 07 Ridin’ Slow f. Slim Thug 08 Speak Easy f. Twista & Cedric the Entertainer 09 Lights, Camera, Action 10 I Get Down For Mine 11 No Competition f. Raekwon (prod. DJ Khalil) 12 Let ‘Em Know (prod. DJ Premier) 13 All A Dream f. Letoya Luckett 14 It’s Been a Pleasure f. Drake (Trill OG)

The September Source Magazine comes out Tuesday, August 17th.

Listen to Bun B’s “It’s Been A Pleasure” down below:

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