The Roots Discuss “Jimmy Fallon” House Band Gig, “It’s Going To Be A Major Challenge”

The Roots Discuss “Jimmy Fallon” House Band Gig, “It’s Going To Be A Major Challenge”

Philadelphia rap group The Roots recently addressed the workload they inherited as the new house band for upcoming weekly series “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” claiming their “whole life is this show.”

The group confessed to the initial embarassment of only being perceived as an opening television show act.

“Initially I was a little leery,” Black Thought said in an interview. “I initially was thinking, `Is this just going to be ammo for some other rapper to try to dis me for?’ Like, `Your career is so over now/ You’re a house band for …’ You have to be that many steps ahead of whatever move you’re going to make…[however], It was just sounding better and better as the months went on…The pros outweighed the cons.” (Associated Press)

Roots drummer Questlove also spoke on why the group finally decided to take on the gig and the difficulty coming with it.

“Right now, my whole life is this show,” Quest said. “This would basically match or surpass what we would make touring 200-plus days out of the year. And, two, this allows us to be home…It’s going to be a major challenge. Right now, we’re writing about 25 [songs] a day. I’m surprised we’re not running on fumes.” (Newsday)

Quest has also resorted to his Twitter account keeping fans up-to-date on his daily progress with the new job.

“A mofo gotta wake up everyday at 5 a.m. now,” he wrote unmodified. “Somehow when you are your own boss it’s no sweat…..but when you work for the man….hahahahaa…lol re-reading the responses from earlier—-y’all do realize that The Roots work at NBC now correct? (Twitter)

The group’s move to television was announced last November.

“A comedian from “Saturday Night Live” Jimmy Fallon is going to replace Conan O’Brien,” Quest previously said in a video clip. “And he has asked The Roots to be in his late night band…We’re pretty much contractually bound to stay in New York for 43, 44 weeks.” (You Tube)

“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” is scheduled to premiere Monday, March 2 on NBC.

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