“The Reason 50 Cent Really Likes It Is Because It’s Real & It Can’t Be Faked”

“The Reason 50 Cent Really Likes It Is Because It’s Real & It Can’t Be Faked”

[With rap star 50 Cent recently digging into his pockets and becoming an official investor in social networking application Hang With, Inc., the company’s president Dave Swartz speaks to SOHH readers about getting the G-Unit head behind the video-sharing movement.]

I think the reason 50 Cent really likes Hang W/ is because at the end of the day it’s real and it can’t be faked.

It’s a social media that hasn’t existed yet and has the ability to connect people on a whole new level. I think he really saw that when he was exposed to it. When we started working on Hang W/, we were really looking into a lot of our clients who were celebrities and musicians and actors and athletes and we building apps for those people.

A lot of them felt social media was getting ruined by fake Twitter and people buying followers and social media teams pretending to be the people behind the accounts.

Hang W/ was built to become the antithesis of that. You can’t hire social media teams to pretend you’re streaming live when you really aren’t. As an endorser of a product, as a marketer, it’s easy to tweet, “I drink and use this product,” but to be able to actually incorporate this into your actual lifestyle in a way that if you use it, you really use it. You don’t have to force it and make people think you drink a particular type of soda.

It’s there as a part of your life.

That was pretty much the central thesis behind this platform. It was to create this authentic social media that couldn’t be faked. I think that’s what 50 recognized. From what I’ve seen and what I know, that’s the type of thing that really excites him.

To download the Hang W/ app to your iPhone or Android, click here.

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Check out 50 Cent using Hang W/:

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